A three-month supply of masks has been formed in pharmacies and warehouses of Pharmacy

Pharmacy enterprises have created the necessary supply of medical masks and sanitary bandages to provide the population through the state pharmacy network, BelTA learned from belfarmatsiya.

"There are about 6 million medical masks and sanitary bandages available for sale to the population in subordinate pharmacies and pharmacy warehouses of pharmacy enterprises, which is a three - month supply, based on the peak sales values in 2020," the RUP noted.

The assortment mainly includes products of domestic manufacturers (LLC "Pharma-market", JSC "BPHO", CJSC" Kalinka", JV CJSC" Milavitsa", LLC" Belemsa", etc.), and also has products of foreign production.

The price of masks in state pharmacies is from 34 kopecks to 1 ruble 58 kopecks, depending on the type of product, the material used and the manufacturer.