Gomselmash plans to produce more than 2 thousand combines for the next harvesting campaign

Gomselmash plans to produce more than 2 thousand combines for the next harvesting campaign. This was announced by Alexander konopatsky, Deputy General Director for ideological work, personnel and social issues of Gomselmash, BelTA reports.

When discussing the production calendar for 2021, the company is planning serious production volumes. According to preliminary forecasts, by August it is necessary to collect more than 2 thousand cars. "The volume is serious. The daily pace must be at least 12 cars. Then we will go to the right positions, " said Alexander konopatsky.

This optimism is well-founded in the company. Two-thirds of the products are exported. The interest of customers is determined by the offer. "The line includes new cars with different engine modifications and a set of options. And they are in demand. For example, we sold 30 cars at the recent exhibition in Moscow. Russian and Kazakh farmers are interested in our equipment. Contracts were signed. Cars are also in demand in foreign countries. We are developing new markets. This year, 20 cars were sent to Zimbabwe, and we are also preparing a batch there, " said the Deputy General Director. Russian partners remain at the core of deliveries.

This year, the domestic market has revived-we have significantly increased in this direction. The plans for the next year are not to reduce this figure. "Demand has increased in all markets. If this goes on, there will be one problem: to have time to do everything that is in demand. That is, the question arises not how to implement, but how to produce the necessary volumes on time, " the company said.

Previously, the autumn-winter period was always not seasonal for machine builders. "But we will use this winter period as a reserve. We plan to approach by March with a certain "cushion": to prepare about 600 cars, " said Alexander konopatsky.

"We are currently discussing the production calendar for next year. Usually, Russian enterprises introduce the so-called January holidays. We will not adapt to this mode. Yes, the first three days of January will be a weekend, and from the 4th day everyone will go to work. No downtime is visible, and there is no question of a four-day period. On the contrary, we are thinking about how to organize a two-shift mode in the workshops. Working capital allows us to do this, " said the Deputy General Director.

Stressful plans open up prospects for those who are looking for work. "We will not be able to reach such a volume by extension, and not only on the main conveyor, but also on the machining production. In addition, we will additionally employ more than 200 people of the main working specialties: machine operators, turners, operators, millers, drill drivers, crane drivers and others. At the same time, we will consider different options. During the winter period, it will be possible to recruit people and, if necessary, conduct training, train personnel, " the company said.

Gomselmash holding is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery, which is one of the world leaders in the market of combines and other complex agricultural machines. The company produces model ranges of grain and forage harvesters, cob and potato harvesters, mowers and other agricultural machinery. Gomselmash combines work in the fields of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Argentina, Brazil, China, the Republic of Korea, and the Baltic States. The company has a wide distribution network, joint ventures and Assembly plants.