Localities with 100 or more households will be provided with a fiber-optic network by the end of the year

All localities with 100 or more households will be provided with a fiber-optic network by the end of the year. This was announced by first Deputy Minister of communications and Informatization Pavel Tkach, BelTA reports.

"Just 25 years ago, a home phone was considered a luxury, especially in rural areas, and this is due not to the fact that it was expensive, but to the fact that there was no technical capability, there was even a queue for installing a phone. Over the past period, a lot has changed, technologies and people's preferences have changed, the position of the state and the national Telecom operator has remained unchanged - providing communication to all segments of the population," the first Deputy Minister said.

According to him, the construction of fiber-optic communication lines to all localities with 100 or more households is currently being completed. "In other words, we are solving the problem of telephoning the rural population, and it is one of the priorities," Pavel Tkach stressed.

Sergey Turomsha, Deputy General Director for commercial Affairs of RUE Beltelecom, said that the company has implemented large-scale measures to provide the infrastructure that is necessary today to provide a wide range of communication services throughout the country. "The main event is the laying of fiber-optic networks. At the moment, Beltelecom has already provided fiber-optic networks to all apartments in multi-storey buildings in Belarus. This means that in any locality, whether it is the capital, the regional center or a small district center and urban settlement, in a multi-storey building it is possible to connect communication services based on a fiber-optic network, " he added.

According to the Deputy General Director, the next stage is to conduct a fiber-optic network to individual private buildings and rural localities. "By the end of 2020, all localities with 100 or more households will be provided with fiber. The next stage is localities with 50 or more households. more than 50% of these localities already have fiber-optic networks, and our task is to complete this work in full, " said Sergey Turomsha.

As the representative of Beltelecom noted, special attention is being paid to laying fiber to hospitals, clinics and rural schools. "Urban schools were provided with optical fiber in 2017, and now the corresponding lines are being connected to rural schools, taking into account the standards for the number of households. As for health care institutions, the process is slower, because there are quite a lot of such institutions. But it is important to note that we cooperate with the Ministry of health and regional health committees, and if today there are plans to implement certain projects that require optical fiber, we prioritize laying this connection to those facilities where these services will be in demand, " added Sergey Turomsha.