Lukashenko: we know how to live, and live on their land

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko notes that the socially oriented policy, which in Belarus is carried out over the past decades, is yielding results. And main from them - the opportunity to live on their land and to determine their own destiny. Relevant statements by the head of state did today, meeting with activists of the Gomel region, BelTA has learned.

"We looked at the development of its - of its economy, industry, has enabled our people to earn. Not rich people live, and you're not rich, you not the oligarchs. But we know how to live, and we live on their land," he said.

"If we have such a policy (which we scientifically call socially oriented) folk is not performed, we would be in this room today were not. Hold the meeting here and meeting other people, if even such a cozy room was saved. Lived in the boonies, as it always has, we'd be clothed in sandals, were harnessed to a cart and drove would whip. But we then, clenching his teeth, endured, especially here in Chernobyl land, stood. I would not say that today they want to replace the power in Belarus. It is necessary to shake, to shake," - said the head of state.