Lukashenko: our people know how to do everything

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko notes that Belarus has sufficient competencies and professional personnel for the production of modern products. He stated this today at a meeting with activists of the Gomel region, reports the correspondent of BelTA.

"Our people know how to do everything. Need some time and a lot of discipline and responsibility", - said the Belarusian leader.

Alexander Lukashenko cited the example of the enterprise "Gomselmash", which at the time was not only preserved, but also gave a significant impulse in development, has mastered the production of sophisticated products. "We gradually established a modern processor", - he said.

Thus, the President noted, has revived not only this enterprise. Along with this, Alexander Lukashenko admitted that "Gomselmash" while there are problems, the solution of which now work, but the factory making the modern products.

"The region's industry in the mid-90s, and today - heaven and earth. Although there is work to do, to put it mildly. All industrial enterprises or idle, or only worked so-so. Around works, Mozyr oil refinery, Gomselmash, other large your plants spun hundreds of crooks. Just so you know, in the 90 companies in our country was already divided, it was divided", - noted the Belarusian leader.

He stressed that if this question did not at the time the order was imposed, then the situation would look very different. "I guarantee you that at Gomselmash we would not have said that there is need to produce modern harvesters to natural gas," - said the head of state.