Across countries and continents

Photo exhibition "through countries and continents" participants in the section Photo Travel Club of the Belarusian public Association of photographers will open in Gomel on 20 January, BelTA learned from the Museum of the history of the city of Gomel.
In the itinerary exhibition includes more than 70 photos, each of which is a kind of visual narrative experienced travellers, photographers of different parts of the world. "Travelers have long sought to capture the beauty of the surrounding world, because meeting beautiful, I want to keep it, to make part of their life", - noted in the Museum.
With the help of colorful photo exhibition visitors will be offered to navigate in the icy land of Iceland, where the weather changes dramatically during the day. Even looking at the photo, you can be sure that Icelandic proverb that goes: if you don't like the weather - wait five minutes and it will get even worse. One of the points of travel - India, a country of contrasts, of sharp spices. People come here for enlightenment, escape, to see the world through different eyes. On the map countries and continents - Italy, Mongolia and others.
Among the authors of rich images depicting moments from the lives of the peoples of different countries, famous masters of photography. Is Yuri Biryukov, a professional photographer, teacher, member of the Belarusian public Association of photographers of all-Russian public organization "Russian geographical society". His photos decorate covers and turns of the Belarusian and foreign Newspapers and magazines, including GEO, National Geographic, Belarus, YoLif and others.
The exhibition presents the works of Andrey Bortnikov, Vyacheslav Bahmatova, Helena Dobrovoj, Andrei Dubinin, Natalia Evmenenko, Lana Krasikova, Alexey Marchenko, Dmitry Rukhlenko, Vladislav Sokolovsky, Dmitry Aza and other photographers.
The exhibition is organized by the Museum of the city of Gomel, Belarusian public Association of photographers.
In correspondence travel across the globe in the Museum you can go to 23 February.