The mythology of the region will introduce the VI festival "Call of Palessie" in Lyaskovichi

The concept of the VI International festival of ethno cultural traditions "Call of Polesie", which will be held on August 15 in Lyaskovichi of the Petrikov district, the initiation Year of a small home and the representation of ethnic mythology. About it the correspondent of BelTA was told in the Gomel oblast Executive Committee.

"In the culture of the villagers of the woodland is preserved mythological elements. They testify to the antiquity of the people, the archaic culture. At the festival guests get into the amazing, fantastic and mysterious world of our ancestors will see and feel its special atmosphere", - said the organizers.

In the backyard with the common name "Tammy paleshuki" will tell about the mythological characters that show dramatizations about them. The terrace of the farmstead will be acquainted with the mythological views as a cultural phenomenon and a part of the history of the spiritual life of the people
A key topic will be devoted to regional competition of wood sculpture "Mbalula palesa ¡drive".

The festival declared the festival of folklore and gaming "Folkfest". Master-classes will be invited exhibition-fair "Tamesna of Slabada". Will unfold "Majsternya of ganksta I forge", "Majsternya slumpstone I detstva", "Majsternya lasaracina first cooperage", "Khata Rybaka I palangga".

Learn the secrets of "Bread Maiga Palessya" at the exhibition of the Museum of bread He cultural and sports center.

By tradition, the festival will name the winners of "honorable enterprise of palachuk". Planned and presentation of books of winners of regional literary award named after K. Turovsky "Juravi on Palesse lacaze".

International festival "Call of Polesie" is aimed at the preservation and promotion of ethnic and cultural traditions, study and support the rich historical and cultural heritage of the region, the strengthening of creative relations between the border regions. It is held every two years. The organizers are the Ministry of culture, Gomel and Brest regional Executive committees, national Park "Pripyat".