Technopark "coral" will open in may in Gomel

Technopark "coral" will open in may in Gomel, told reporters Director of the company "Agency of development and investment promotion" Andrew Bobovich, the correspondent of BelTA.

"Coral" will be the second industrial Park in the Gomel region. "We will complement each other. The more such subjects, the better for the region. Residents will be able to choose the most optimal conditions", - says Andrey Bobovich.

A basis for the work in the new Technopark taken the concept of "SKOLKOVO" (Russia). The project is supported by the Gomel regional Executive Committee - it allocates funds from the innovation Fund.

The Technopark will combine several modules - the former administrative and production premises of JSC "Korall". The module In an area of approximately 2.5 thousand sq m plan to introduce in may - in the days of the Gomel economic forum. In an office-laboratory complex will house the center for collective use of equipment - machine tools (milling machines, lathes and other) 3D printers. Here will be the same and unique data-centre, classes for training. As explained by the Deputy Director on production of JSC "Institute Gomelagropromproject" Alexander Kurakov, the willingness of block B is 98-99%. "Stay small work on fine-tuning, the adjustment, needs to be polished systems. This is a complex engineering structure with a variety of equipment and systems," he said.

Module A - six-storey building is now actively rekonstruiruet, its area more than 7 thousand sq. m. Commissioning is scheduled for early next year. It will be a co-working centre, a modern conference hall, meeting rooms, office space. The project also provides for courts, Parking areas and facilities, gym, service station, barrier-free environment, landscaping of the adjacent territory. In the future the Technopark area can be supplemented by another three modules.

According to Andrei Bobovich, the Technopark will allow to create in the region of the conductive structure from idea to business, to the commercialization of not only Belarusian, but also foreign markets. Work with residents here are going to organize the complex - from launching new products to the organization of marketing researches, information promotion of innovation, etc. "the New entity will become a regular platform, where will be born many of the ideas. It will stimulate economic growth in the region, to diversify the economy, will contribute to the development of entrepreneurship, scientific and technical sector, to promote innovation," the Director added.

Until the end of April is accepting applications for residency in the "Coral". The main requirement is that the resident must produce innovative products or to provide innovative services drew the attention of Andrew Bobovich.