Production increase and debt restructuring - Nazarov about reference "Gomselmash"

The growth in production volumes and the restructuring of the debt burden - such guidance in the near term for JSC "Gomselmash" was named Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Nazarov during his working trip to the enterprise, the correspondent of BelTA.

Yuri Nazarov told journalists that he first at Gomselmash, so the visit is exploratory in nature. He also noted: there are questions whose solution cannot be postponed. Talking about debt restructuring and strengthening of the export position. "We have to deal with the debt load of the enterprise. Obviously, in current conditions it is necessary to restructure them. A proposal agreed with the head of state", - said Deputy Prime Minister.

According to Yuri Nazarov, considering also additional support mechanisms for the implementation of agricultural machinery. In particular, it discusses the possibility of using lease financing schemes. It raises the question of the increase foreseen for this purpose in 2020 limits.

"It is important to the development of the theme, with export destinations. Unfortunately, today our main markets - Russia and Ukraine - has shrunk. However, the position of the head (General Director of JSC "Gomselmash". - Approx. BelTA): even the poor need to take a good. While the Russians went on quarantine measures, we worked. Now Russian farmers are in urgent need of equipment - and about 100-150 units we already find today. The fact that our company did not stop there - a definite advantage. Now we don't have to start production at this technique, you just need to increase its volumes," - said Yuriy Nazarov.

Not removed from the agenda the strengthening of positions on the Ukrainian market. "Of course, our traditional partners, the boundaries of the neighborhood, a mentality that has a history of cooperation. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian market of us pushed used-shnoy European appliances. It is necessary to solve the question of how to strengthen our presence in the market of Ukraine. After all, there is this technique is also necessary", - said Deputy Prime Minister.

According to Yuri Nazarov, does not lose relevance the issue of diversification of markets: "Yes, now "Gomselmash" went on the African continent. It takes time to mass to go there. And the company employs in this and other directions."

Holding "Gomselmash" is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery, included in number of leaders of the world market of harvesters and other complex agricultural machines. Today, the brand "Palesse" the manufacturer produces grain, forage, Pachatkovaya and potato harvesters, mowers and other agricultural machinery. The harvester "Palesse" working in the fields of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Argentina, Brazil, China, the Republic of Korea, Baltic States. The company has a wide distribution network, a number of joint ventures and Assembly plants.