In Gomel resumes the rapid testing COVID-19

From tomorrow, 21 July, the Homel city clinic, as well as in all its branches and clinics everyone, regardless of place of residence again unable to pass a quick test on COVID-19, according to

As explained in the institution, last Friday, the research was suspended, as was spent a thousand previously purchased tests. By the way, the presence of antibodies was detected in 11 percent of the citizens who passed the rapid testing.

Today tests have been procured in the right quantity, and tomorrow everyone can be examined. The procedure cost 18 rubles 12 kopecks.

To conduct the study in the Central clinic should apply with your passport to the cashier GUZ "GCGP" office 111. The result you can get during the day in the office 101. Questions can be ask by phone 53-06-47 (physician), 53-06-34 (cash), 53-06-45 (registry).

For rapid testing branch clinics in the city should call at the ticket office and the registry of the territorial companies.

"Gomel statements"