Why is our region?


Gomel modern

Each city, along with the name, has its own unique shape, allowing to distinguish it from many seemingly similar cities. And our ancient Gomel.
Silent witness of past grandeur of a bygone era - the Palace and Park ensemble and a modern looking high in the sky, neighborhoods, the ancient river of Homeuk, by the will of history has become Lebyazhyi pond in the old Park, and luxurious Coolant, carrying his full water in the mighty Dnieper river. Products of folk craftsmen, artisans and products of large enterprises, lace pedestrian bridge and the Golden dome of the Cathedral, the ringing of bells heralding the birth of a new day. All of this is our city, our Gomel, risen from the ruins of world war II, recreated by the hands of caring and loving citizens, one of the most beautiful cities of Belarus.
Gomel today is the second largest city in the Republic, social and political centre of interregional ties between Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, with a developed infrastructure, industry, science and culture, an important transportation hub.
The city has over a hundred thirty enterprises of machine-building, light, food, chemical and other industries. Well-developed woodworking and furniture production, construction industry. In Gomel produce forage and combine harvesters, machine tools, measuring instruments, cable, chemical fertilizers and building materials, radio equipment, shoes, and knitwear, furniture and confectionery products, kitchenware, toys, products of diamond cutting.
Far abroad well-known enterprises, such as Raup "Kristall", JV JSC "Spartak", RUP "Gomselmash", OJSC "Gomeldrev", JSC "Gomel chemical plant", JSC "Comintern", JSC "Gomelsteklo", JSC "8 March" and others.
A significant contribution to the acceleration of scientific and technical progress contribute Gomel scientists, engineers and designers work in 20 scientific research and design institutes and their branches. Widely known members of the forest Institute of the Academy of Sciences RB, the Institute of mechanics of metal-polymer systems, and others.
The city pays great attention to the training of specialists in different fields of science, culture, production. In seven higher education institutions are trained about 35 thousand students annually, 2.5 million of whom receive diplomas of young specialists. Special, vocational and secondary education young residents receive 15 colleges, 16 vocational schools, 71 secondary educational institutions.
Gomel - one of the largest cultural centers of Belarus. Every year it hosts about 20 different festivals, concerts, 1500, 180 art exhibitions. The city has three theatres: the regional drama, puppet and youth theatre-Studio. One of the best in the country is considered the Gomel state circus. Successfully advocate the city's Symphony and wind orchestras. Concerts domestic and foreign artists and organizes the Gomel regional Philharmonic. Widely open their doors to visitors 18 libraries, 7 exhibition halls and galleries.
7 music schools and art schools do 3.5 thousand gifted children. In the centres and palaces of culture work 263 Amateur groups, 46 of which carry the title of "national" and "Exemplary".
The real center of organization of youth became the city cultural Centre, which is constantly held urban rock festivals, marathons, and various youth events.
A special place in the cultural life of the city is a Regional Museum, founded in 1919 and is located on the territory of Palace and Park ensemble of princes Rumyantsev-Paskevich, monument of architecture of XVIII-XIX centuries. Visitors and residents of the city invites the Gomel branch of the Vetka Museum of folk art. In 1980 opened archaeological and ethnographic Museum of the Gomel state University. F. Skaryna.
Among residents of the city are very popular physical training and sports. At their disposal 1223 sports facility: 7 stadiums, 2 of the arena, the Ice Palace with two ice arenas, 202 sports halls, swimming pools, 18, 33 shooting ranges, 420 planar structures, 533 object sports and recreation destination. In Gomel there is a school of the highest sports skill, the school of the Olympic reserve, 40 children and youth sports school.
The structure of health of the city of Gomel today is represented by 11 institutions with status of legal entity. In the city opened a specialized center of eye microsurgery, Hematology, ultrasound diagnostics and others.
Each year the town increases the chain stores, public catering enterprises and markets.
With great interest come in Gomel hundreds of tourists, sports delegations and art groups, business partners and guests from different countries. Durable friendly relations were established with the cities of Aberdeen (Scotland), Lipetsk, Bryansk, Kursk, Nizhniy Novgorod, Rostov-on-don, Surgut, St.-Petersburg, Cheremushkinskiy district of Moscow (Russia), Donetsk, Kiev, Chernigov (Ukraine), Liepaja (Latvia), Varna (Bulgaria), Clermont-Ferrand (France), Radom (Poland), Huai'an (China). This allows you to not only get to know each other, get acquainted with culture and customs, but also to cooperate on a mutually beneficial basis in various fields.
Gomel love their city, not for fame and importance, and for the warm feeling of home. It is with this sense they follow the traditions and carefully preserve the historical heritage, rebuilt and landscaped native city, increase its wealth and fame. Home-warmly welcome guests, with generosity of rich owners hold festivals and holidays, good are proud of their famous countrymen, his old and confidently walking into the future, a flourishing city over Sozh.