City center of social services for families and children

Establishment "Gomel city centre of social services for families and children" (hereinafter – institution) is a state organization of social protection of the population, established in 1999 by decision of the Gomel city Executive Committee.




The center provides families and citizens integrated care and support: one and the same person, if necessary, can be extended to a wide range of social services. All services are free


  • providing residents information, legal, psychological, socio-economic services;

  • developing and disseminating brochures and memos on various issues of family life;

  • assistance of psychologists and social pedagogues of secondary schools, vocational schools, secondary special educational institutions;

  • the implementation of social orders of the enterprises and institutions in the city of Gomel;

  • social support families and children in difficult life situations;

  • a practical solution to the problems of dysfunctional families, their social patronage;

  • prevention of offenses in the sphere of family relations and adolescent environment;

  • providing the possibility of temporary accommodation of foreign citizens and stateless persons applying for refugee status in the Republic of Belarus; foreign citizens and stateless persons, recognized refugees in the Republic of Belarus, residing in the city of Gomel and in crisis situations, as well as the citizens of the Republic of Belarus in difficult life circumstances that threaten life and health;

  • cooperation with different state institutions and public organizations.

The centre has 4 departments:

  1. Department of primary reception, information, analysis and forecasting: phone 35-75-65;

  2. the Department of social and psychological assistance to family and children: tel 35-75-58;

  3. the Department of social adaptation and rehabilitation (psychological assistance): tel 35-75-68;

  4. crisis Department "temporary accommodation, social adaptation and rehabilitation of the refugees": tel 35-75-64.

In the offices of the centre are:

  • psychologists;

  • specialists in social work;

  • lawyer.

In the establishment of targeted programs are implemented to work with adolescents and young people, newlyweds and young parents, single and teenage mothers, families with many children, socially vulnerable families, young people with disabilities.

In the framework of targeted programs in the center there are clubs and hobby groups:

  • family consulting club "Young family" (for citizens entering into marriage);

  • club "Family album" (the club invites families with children, large families, families who adopt foster care, single parent households, women and youth);

  • club "Sewing room" (the club invites those wishing to learn how to sew and repair clothing);

  • circle the "Island of kindness" (leisure activities of children and adolescents)

  • "Multiclub" (the club welcomes children and parents for watching cartoons);

  • AA "Rubicon".

Mode of operation:

Monday-Friday from 8.30 to 17.30 every day

Lunch break from 13.00 to 14.00

Our address:

Establishment "Gomel city centre of social services for families and children"

246032, Gomel, Republic of Belarus St. anniversary, d. 8 korp.2

Center Director: Mazanine Natalia

Tel/Fax: (0232) 35-75-57


The center is open for cooperation with governmental, religious and commercial organizations, including foreign, and also with private persons, ready to contribute to the cause of social support for families and children.