Export-import activity


The requirements of the MFA on the preparation of commercial proposals of enterprises to assist in the promotion of products for export

Recommendations on cooperation with Russian law enforcement measures to prevent damage to the Belarusian exporters in connection with the failure of foreign counterparties of contractual obligations or improper performance of the relevant court decisions

The list of the enterprises of small and average business of Kursk region is interested in supplying products to the Republic of Belarus

On the formation of an electronic system of applications for export-import transportations of cargoes of the Republic of Belarus
road transport

In order to create an electronic system of accumulation of applications for export-import transportations of cargoes of the Republic of Belarus Association of international road carriers "BAMAP" created a special e-mail address dostavka@bamap.org for the receipt of applications from enterprises and organizations of the Republic of Belarus.

To ensure the transfer of necessary information to include in the application form http://www.bamap.org/pic/dcontent/10571.sl_body.zajavka_-_gruzoperevozki.xls you want to transfer information from enterprises and organizations of shippers (consignees) on the planned export and import cargo transportation by motor transport. The obtained information will be posted on the special page of the website of the Association "BAMAP" with password access to Belarusian carriers allowed to perform international transport.

Source of information: http://www.bamap.org/information/news/2009/11/03/10571/

More detailed information can be obtained by phone: 8 (017) 209-26-51, Blasinska Elena.

Preferential crediting and insurance of risks in the implementation of export activities

Economy Department of the Gomel city Executive Committee informs about the possibility of preferential crediting and insurance of risks in the implementation of export activities.
Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus from August 26, 2006 №534 "On the promotion of export of goods (works, services)" approved the procedure of insurance of export risks, the issuance and use of budget loans for payment of insurance claims under insurance contracts of export risks with state support, losses to banks that provide concessional loans for production of export products. Norms of the Decree opens new possibilities for enterprises to increase exports and introduction of new and previously seldom used financial schemes of work and penetration to foreign markets.
The exclusive right to conduct these operations by the decree delegated the Belarusian Republican unitary enterprise of export-import insurance "Eximgarant of Belarus the".
Detailed information about the company's activities can be obtained at the following address: the Branch "Eximgarant of Belarus-Gomel" of ROPES the "Eximgarant of Belarus" 246003 Gomel Telmana street, 6, tel (0232) 77-43-04, 77-40-72, 57-61-40, http://eximgarant.by/


With the aim of increasing exports of enterprises of Gomel and the establishment of constructive contacts over the unitary enterprise "Gomel branch of BelCCI" is enshrined in the following list of regions and countries:
Russian Federation: Republic of Bashkortostan (Ufa), the Republic of Mari El (Yoshkar-Ola), Orenburg region, Republic of Udmurtia (Izhevsk, Russia), Ulyanovsk oblast, Chuvash Republic (Cheboksary), Tambov oblast, Kursk oblast, Voronezh oblast, Bryansk oblast, Belgorod oblast, Chelyabinsk oblast
Ukraine: Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Lugansk, Poltava, Sumy, Kherson, Kharkiv, Chernihiv region.
CIS: Kazakhstan
Europe: Romania
Other countries: Mongolia

UE "Gomel branch of BelCCI" is ready to assist and to find potential partners on an individual basis for each interested company.

For more information on participation in the activities of the unitary enterprise "Gomel branch of BelCCI" can be obtained in the Gomel branch of the BelCCI on the phone: +375 232 701858. Contact person: p Veronica Aleksandrovna.

Favorable conditions for the importation of goods into the territory of the Republic of Belarus

The state customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus to create favourable conditions for the import of goods into the territory of the Republic of Belarus, functioning of carriers, and also to reduce the time of the operations of customs control of goods, developing and implementing cutting-edge concepts and technologies. These include the concept and implementation of preliminary informing of customs authorities.
First of all, the preliminary information provision aimed at reduction of time of customs control of goods and vehicles imported to the Republic of Belarus, and also to minimize possible corruption in the implementation of customs operations. The application of this technology excludes the holding of unfounded forms of customs control by officials of the customs bodies of the Republic of Belarus, reduce the cost of the carriers for performing these operations.
The essence of the preliminary information is that the customs agent of RUE "Beltamozhservice" on behalf of the person concerned (carrier, freight forwarder, receiver, etc.) on the basis of information submitted by email, Fax or otherwise, directs to the Minsk Central customs electronic information on the movement of goods and vehicles at least 2 hours prior to entry thereof at the point of arrival. This information is in the form of an electronic transit Declaration shall be sent by the relevant customs clearance point, which is at the entrance of the vehicle with the goods used by the driver for the Declaration of goods. Information about the unique identification number of transportation directed the concerned face of the driver. In this driver there is no need to stand in line for the customs agent to pay cash for the provision of services for the preparation of the transit Declaration. He gets the right priority of the goods to be placed under the customs transit procedure.
The introduction of preliminary informing will enable to the carrier/consignee in advance to fulfill the requirements of the customs laws, which apply to the imported goods and which may, the company was not aware of. For him, it will not be a surprise that when inthe cart of goods in the Republic of Belarus is required to submit security for payment of customs duties and taxes or to obtain permission to enforce the existing restrictions and prohibitions.

The portal www.export.by

The portal EXPORT.BY created by the National centre for marketing and price study to provide informational support to Belarusian exporters in promoting their products to foreign market and also to advertise export potential of domestic manufacturers of industrial, intellectual and agricultural products.
The portal EXPORT.BY is intended to enhance the competitiveness of domestic goods, works and services, expand exports, to attract into the Republic of foreign investments, establishing business contacts and partnerships between Belarusian and foreign enterprises, and deeper integration of economy of the Republic of Belarus into the world economy.
The main function of the portal is to provide information about domestic and foreign manufacturers and their products. In addition, EXPORT.BY information on the distribution networks of the enterprises, proposals on business cooperation, as well as the list of foreign partners interested in joint work with economic entities of Belarus.
It also provides analytical information about the structure of the Belarusian export, foreign markets and legislation of different countries to regulate foreign economic activity. In addition, EXPORT.BY is the source of current economic news of Belarus and the world.
The site also contains market related (market crackers crackers, cakes, cookies, waffles, Canada, China, United Arab Emirates; the world market of reinforced concrete products and structures, identified by the HS code 6810; world market of ceramic bricks; the market molokoochistitel ZAKRYTOGO tipa ZOOM of 1000 liters in the countries of the world; the ice cream market in Armenia, Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation) prepared irue "national centre for marketing and price study", at the request of the Republican bodies of state management and regional Executive committees.