Bauman street, 2 (Beletsky street. 5)

of Bauman str., Gomel, Bauman str., 2 (Biletsky str., 5)

The building, located on the corner of Bauman and Biletsky streets, is a two-story volume with a basement. The accent is the facade facing Bauman street. It has an asymmetrical composition with an original decor of sculptural, stucco and brick plastered elements. The corner of the building is decorated with a shallow risalite flanked by shoulder blades. It is crowned with an attic of complex shape. Above the wide rectangular window opening of the first floor there is a balcony with a fence in the technique of artistic forging. It is decorated with a profiled horseshoe-shaped platband, which is crossed by two blades and a horizontal thrust. A bas-relief in the form of a female head crowns the platband. On the sides of the bas-relief, vegetable stucco elements are placed in frames formed by blades and traction. Special floral ornaments are also filled with onion sandricks above the windows of the first floor. The windows of the second floor have an arched frame. In general, arched frames of door and window openings are a feature of the decor, including from the side of Biletsky Street. This facade is more restrained in design. Its main elements, in addition to the arches, are double windows, horizontal rods and the jagged completion of the panels above the windows of the first floor. In the left part of the facade there is an arched passage, which used to be through.

The house No. 2 on Bauman Street (Biletsky, 5) was built according to the project of the outstanding Belarusian architect Stanislav Danilovich Shabunevsky in 1908, as an apartment house of Cyprian Pavlovich Groshikov, a rich Old Believer merchant. The building was decided by a master in the Art Nouveau style. During the Great Patriotic War, the building was almost not damaged and was restored in 1947. In 1967, a four-story «khrushchev» was attached to the house, which, however, does not represent any historical and cultural value. Currently, part of the first and ground floors are rented by institutions, the rest of the premises are used as residential.

image002.jpgCorner of Biletsky and Sverdlov streets (now - Bauman). Photography of the 1920-30s.

image004.jpgBauman street. The building on Bauman street, 2 (Biletsky street, 5). Photo 2013.

image007.jpgBauman street. The building on Bauman street, 2 (Biletsky street, 5). Photo 2023.