Bauman street, 6

of Bauman str., Gomel, Bauman str., 6

Residential brick 2-storey building in the plan is a rectangle.

The facade decor is simple and restrained. The main facade is divided into two tiers by a wide cornice. The central part is highlighted by a shallow risalite. The plane of both the facade and the risalite are flanked by blades. The strict rhythm of the walls is set by a number of rectangular window openings with a small layout.

The second floor (aka the second tier) is more saturated with decoration. The blades "growing" from the decor of the first floor are decorated with arched niches with decorative plaster. The arched motif is also supported by the shape of the risalite window openings. The main facade is completed with a belt and a stepped cornice.

Bauman Street began to form at the beginning of the XIX century . Its ancient name – Boyarskaya – is associated with the Boyarsky (now Biletsky) descent. Subsequently, the street became the place of residence of the wealthy strata of society. In 1919 it was renamed in honor of Yakov Sverdlov. In 1957, the street was named after the Russian revolutionary figure N.E. Bauman.

Presumably, the building at 6 Bauman Street was built in the first quarter of the twentieth century (no more accurate information has been preserved). Based on the map of Gomel in 1913, the address and reference book «All of Gomel» for 1913-1915, it can be assumed that the city police department could be located in this building at that time.

During the Great Patriotic War, the building was destroyed. The technical documents contain information that the building began to be restored after the war in 1946 from a destroyed box. The works were completed in 1948 .

It is known that from 1963 to 1982, the building was owned by the house Administration No. 1 of the Central District and was used as a residential building. In 2003, the house was declared uninhabitable and removed from the housing stock.

Since 2004, the building has been used as an administrative and economic building. In 2004, the reconstruction of the building with an extension was carried out. Since 2015, the building has been on the balance sheet of the State Institution «Bobruisk Operational Directorate of the Armed Forces».

image001.jpgBauman street, house №.6. Photo 2012.

image002.jpgBauman street, house №.6. Photo 2023.