Lange street, 17

Gomel, Lange str., 17
Building complex

The complex consists of two buildings combined into a single three-dimensional composition. Individual elements of interior decoration are valuable.

The building at 17 Lange street (Gomel Regional Social and Cultural Center) consists of two rectangular volumes  –  a 2–storey building with an assembly hall for 800 seats and a 4-storey administrative building attached to it. The composition highlights the semicircular volume located above the corner entrance. The main facade is decorated with a large stained glass foyer, on the second floor divided by reinforced concrete ribs. The basement part of the building is decorated with gray granite, the ribs are decorated with decorative plaster under granite. Marble, tuff, shell rock, aluminum, wood are used in the interior design.

The buildings at 5 and 17 Lange St. were designed as a single complex consisting of the Gomel Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus and the House of Political Enlightenment, united by a three-storey block of the dining room. In 1975, the House of Political Enlightenment was built (architect L. J. Tamkov, I.F. Burlaka, V.I. Tikhov), in 1981 – the building of the regional committee (architect V.I. Komar, G.K.Tikhov). The functional purpose of the monument was preserved until 1992. Then the first building housed the Gomel Regional Center of Culture and Information (now the Gomel Regional Socio-Cultural Center), the second – the Gomel Medical Institute (since 2003, the educational institution «Gomel State Medical University») and the health department of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee.


image002.jpgLange street. Construction of the Gomel Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus. Photos from 1981.

image003.jpgLange street, 17. Photo 2023.