Lenin square, 33

Building Lenin ave.,
Gomel, Lenin ave., 33

Brick 4-storey rectangular building with a gable roof. Two risalites divide the facade vertically into three parts, which creates a dynamic composition of the facade. Windows throughout the facade have profiled window sills on side rectangular brackets. On the 3rd-4th floors, windows alternate with balconies on rectangular beam structures having forged fences with a simple geometric pattern.
The main facade is horizontally divided into two tiers, separated by a narrow cornice. The lower tier – the 1st floor – is highlighted with a rectangular rustication. The upper tier – the 2nd-4th floors – has a smoothly plastered wall. Attention is drawn to the balcony of the 4th floor, where arched elements are used in the fence. Perhaps this is an earlier version of the balcony decor.
The axis of symmetry of each risalite is highlighted by the entrance group, above which a balcony with a fence of curbstones and balusters is placed on curly brackets. On the second tier, the rhizolites are flanked by stepped rustication. The facade is completed by a profiled cornice with modulons. In general, the decor of the main facade is very restrained.
Lenin Avenue street became in 1960, and previously it was known as Zamkovaya Street (late XIX century), Lunacharsky Street (since 1923), Komsomolskaya (since the 1930s). In the early 1930s. In the building at Komsomolskaya 57 (this address was the house number 33 until 1960 G.) school № 15 was located (the number of students was 814), as well as an eye hospital with 100 beds. This neighborhood is explained by the difficult situation with capital construction in the city of those years.
During the Great Patriotic War, the avenue was almost completely destroyed. The new building formed a fairly integral architectural ensemble, which became a showcase of the «Stalinist empire». The 1952 street project provided for the construction of houses as a single complex with the elimination of gaps between buildings. A striking example of a part of the ensemble development is house № 33, connected to house № 35 by an arched opening. The building was built as a residential building with shops and consumer services facilities on the ground floor. It has not changed its purpose to this day.

image001.jpgLenin avenue, house № 33.