Sovetskaya str., 2

This is a four-story building, L-shaped in plan. It is located on the corner of Sovetskaya and Trudovaya streets. It comes as a cut corner at the intersection of the streets, and this corner is crowned with a rectangular attic with a stucco cartouche with the date of construction - "1954." The facades in Sovetskaya Street and Trudovaya Street are designed in the same way. The first floor is rusticated, symmetrical composition, which forms the rhythm of the plane due to the alternation of wide display windows in a simple stucco frame and narrow windows with ribbons of garlands above them. The second floor is separated by a narrow cornice-rod, windows with arched ornamental framing alternate with narrow windows with sandriks. A balcony with stucco consoles and a balustrade give volume to the third floor. Balconies with a metal openwork fence, arranged on narrow plates with denticules give volume to the forth floor. The roof of the house is hipped, metal. A cornice with belts of denticles, consoles and sockets stretch under it along the entire perimeter of the building . The interiors do not represent a value.

Sovetskaya Street is one of the main Gomel highways. Its formation began in the XVIII century, and the historical architectural appearance finally developed in the XIX - early XX centuries. During World War II, a significant number of buildings were lost and new ones were built in their place in the post-war period.

Gomel's plans of the early twentieth century indicate that at that time Bazarnaya Street (now Trudovaya) was the border of Central City Square from the north.

There was a two-story school building oriented to the square by the façade on the corner of Bazarnaya and Rumyantsevskaya Streets. It was erected in the style of classicism and had a six-column portico. According to a 1945 photograph, the building's box was preserved after the war, but they did not begin to restore it and demolished it. In the vacated place, a large house was laid, which occupied a part of Trudovaya Street and the beginning of Sovetskaya Street. Its construction ended in 1954. After that an extension of a similar storey and facade decoration was made from the side of Trudovaya Street, which received a separate address - 3Trudovaya. The large size of the buildings on the main streets of the city and the rich decoration of their architectural decoration were the characteristics of that time. The first floor of the house was adapted to accommodate various outlets, the others - were used as residential. This situation has survived to the present.


The corner of Trudovaya and Sovetskaya Streets.The photo of the 1960s. (2 Sovetskayastreet)


The corner of Trudovaya and Sovetskaya Streets. The photo of 2010.