State enterprise "UKS city of Gomel"

Communal unitary subsidiary enterprise "Department of capital construction of the city of Gomel"

246050, Gomel, Sovetskaya str., 19a


The subject of activity of the enterprise are:

  • organization of construction of objects of communal housing and domestic purposes and objects of city appointment;
  • implementation of functions of control and supervision of construction in the course of providing technical assistance to investors legal entities and individuals engaged in investing in construction (extension, reconstruction, repair and improvement facilities);
  • promote comprehensive development of the city, in accordance with the development plan;
  • effective use of capital investments, of all kinds of resources to build.

The objectives of the Enterprise are:

  • the implementation of economic activities aimed at profit to satisfy social and economic interests of the Founder and of members of labor collective of the Enterprise;
  • implementation of the state policy in the construction activity, aimed at solving current and future problems of complex and socio-economic development of Gomel region;
  • performing together with other participants of investment process of tasks on commissioning of construction projects in a timely manner, in accordance with the norms of duration of design and construction;
  • improving the reliability and quality of construction products, works, services;
  • introduction in the construction industry a modern, advanced technologies, achievements of science and technology;
  • improving the efficiency of capital investments, as well as reducing the length of the investment cycle.

The company performs the functions of:

  • the state customer of construction of residential houses with use of means of Republican and (or) local budgets, including state earmarked budget funds and state extra-budgetary funds, residential houses for the citizens eligible to state support for the construction or acquisition of residential premises, dwelling houses under the state order;
  • customer preparing the land (not connected with construction of objects of engineering, transport and social infrastructure) provided to investor for implementation of investment project on the basis of an investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus, in case the investor (customer, developer) independently or with involvement of third-party organizations do not regularly work on the preparation of this section in accordance with the contract concluded with the investor on the basis of his statement, and for the account of the investor;
  • public customer (along with other customers, developers) integrated development of settlements in accordance with the approved General plans of settlements, detailed plans of parts of settlements, including construction of objects of engineering, transport and social infrastructure;
  • other functions, not inconsistent with legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus.

The operation of the enterprise:
from 8-30 to 17-30
break from 13-00 to 14-00

Telephone "hot line":
+375 232 34-28-47 from Monday to Friday from 8-30 to 17-30


Senozhensky Vladimir 
tel 34-28-14, KAB. 2-8

Each of the
Shpak Natalia
Tel 34-28-47
Fax 34-28-37

Chief engineer
Semchenko Vladislav 
tel 34-28-46, KAB. 2-7

Deputy Director for production
Razumov Leonid 
tel 34-27-83, KAB. 3-7

Deputy Director for production preparation
Shushkevich Alexander 
tel 34-27-83, KAB. 3-7

Chief accountant
Vodopetova Anastasiya 
tel 34-28-41, KAB. 2-10

Head of Department of organizational and information support
Savitskaya Irina
tel 34-28-10 KAB.2-5

Specialist on work with references of citizens
Tkacheva Svetlana 
tel 34 28 21 KAB.1-8

Head of planning Department
Lobatsevich Marina
tel 34-28-19, KAB. 2-14

Head of housing-investment Department

Zhilitskaya Svetlana 
tel: 34-28-54, KAB. 2-3
tel. mob. 373 8029 42 42

Head of production Department
Jablonskis Andrew 
tel 34-28-24, KAB. 1-9

Deputy head of production Department
Naumenko Konstantin
tel 34-27-91, KAB. 1-10

Head of technical Department
Shilov Yan
tel: 34-28-52, KAB. 1-14

Head of pricing
Simonok Svetlana 
tel: 34-28-75, KAB. 3-15

Head of legal, staffing
Pesherova Lyudmila
tel 34-28-62, KAB. 3-14

Head of the economic Department
Tymoshenko Vitaliy 
tel: 34-28-36, KAB. 1-1