Department of organizational-personnel work

Department of organizational-personnel work of the Gomel city Executive Committee

The main tasks of the Department of organizational-personnel work of the Gomel city Executive Committee is the organizational support of the activities of the Executive Committee and implementation in the city territory of the state personnel policy in accordance with the personnel registry of the Executive Committee.

The Department, in accordance with the assigned tasks:

  • coordinates the activity of structural subdivisions of city Council, city services, organizations, agencies, administrations to improve their style and methods of organizational-personnel work;
  • provides interaction city Executive Committee with the city Council of deputies;
  • provides the organization held in the city elections of deputies of all levels, national and local referendums, and also contributes to election commissions in exercising their powers;
  • monitors the performance of the structural subdivisions of the Executive Committee of decrees, decrees and orders of the President of the Republic of Belarus, resolutions of the Council of Ministers, the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, decisions of regional and city Executive committees on issues of organizational-personnel work;
  • coordinates the work of territorial public self-government in the city of Gomel;
  • organized by the permanent control coordination of the conclusion (cancellation), renewal of labor agreements (contracts) with the heads of enterprises, institutions and organizations located on the territory of the city of Gomel.

Gomel, St. Sovetskaya, 16

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Marchenko Tatyana V.
head of Department
Tel 51-47-29 KAB. 306

Sidoreyko Anna
chief specialist
Tel 53-60-89 KAB. 308
Gertsev Sergey
chief specialist
Tel 53-67-78 KAB. 308