CGROUP "Central"

The municipal housing repair and maintenance unitary enterprise "Central"
246003, Gomel Telmana street, 22A
reception tel. (Fax) 34-27-30

The company's website:

Director: Mazanec Sergey Valerievich, phone: 34-27-30, 34-09-55

Chief engineer: Kozlov Victor, phone: 34-07-99
Chief accountant: Valentina Yakushenkova, phone: 34-09-21

The municipal housing repair and maintenance unitary enterprise "Central" is an independent economic entity on the basis of communal property. Founder and owner of the company is of the Gomel city Council of deputies in the face of the Gomel city Executive Committee. The company is included into structure of municipal production unitary enterprise "Gomel city housing and communal services".

The subject of activity of the enterprise is the maintenance and repair of housing Fund, objects of municipal services, implementation of works on the external landscaping and landscaping, repair and maintenance of metering devices, monitoring and controlling the flow (flow) of water and thermal energy, rendering of household services to the population.

State enterprise "Central" renders the following paid services:

1. Installation (replacement) of metering water consumption.

2. Replacement of heating pipes and heating appliances.

3. Warranty service sanitary.

4. Replacement (installation) of the sanitary facilities (toilets, sinks, washbasins, mixers, bathtubs, towel warmers).

5. Replacement of piping hot and cold water, radiators in apartments and individual homes.

6. Installation and connection of washing machines and dishwashers to the water supply, Sewerage, to the mains with grounding wire.

7. Replacement and installation of electrical wiring and electrical fittings (sockets, switches, etc.).

8. The connection of chandeliers, lamps, bells, etc.

9. Device of suspended ceilings (siding, PVC panels, drywall, etc.).

10. Replacement of floor coverings (linoleum, laminate, particleboard, etc.).

11. The incorporation and arrangement of slopes, Windows, doors.

12. Finishing work of walls, ceilings, Windows, doors (including removal and re-papering).

13. Window installation, interior and exterior doors, accessories.

14. Installation (replacement) of door and window hardware (latches, locks).

15. Tiling (ceramic tile, PVC panels, etc.).

16. The device of concrete floors, screeds grounds.

17. Filling of insulation.

18. Insulation of attics, basements mineral-cotton materials.

19. Manufacturing of products from wood, metal including with the installation (frames, benches, carpentry, gazebos, railings, fences, etc.).

20. Pouring foundations.

21. The device driveways, pedestrian walkways, playgrounds (asphalt, tile, wooden poles).

22. The device and replacement of the roof drainage devices, wind boards, skates.

23. Dismantling doors, Windows.

24. The installation of the architraves, skirting boards.

25. Plaster and flooring work.

26. Repair porches.

27. The installation of cornices, kitchen furniture.

28. The provision of transport services.

29. Services of load-lifting mechanisms.

30. Cleaning, washing Windows.

31. Removal of construction debris, large furniture, appliances.

32. Plowing and mowing of grass areas, pruning and demolition of trees, removal of grass and debris.

33. Insulation of balconies and loggias.

34. Change (repair) mailbox.

35. Emergency services maintenance of residential buildings organizations real estate developers and homeowners.

State enterprise "Central" offers a complex of carrying out electrophysical measurements in order to determine the state of electrical networks, equipment and devices. Ongoing tests provide an opportunity to identify the areas of electrical wiring and electrical installations that do not meet the requirements of technical normative legal acts. Production laboratory of state enterprise "Central" (Gomel, street of Communards, 14, phone: 25-29-25) provides the following types of measurements:

measurement of grounding devices resistance;

checking of protective devices (RCD): residual current, tripping time for differential currents, leakage currents to earth.

To obtain information about its state enterprise "Central" services (including tariffs) on the site in the section SERVICES.

The structure of the state enterprise "Central" includes

5 housing maintenance sites:

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Irininskaya str., 19

Name of structural division


Surname, name, patronymic of the head

Phone reception

ZHEU No. 3

Volotovskaya str., 28

Crow Alexander


ZHEU № 4

Pachuta Dmitry Mikhailovich


ZHEU № 8

St. Kozhara, 7

Shevtsova L. A.


ZHEU № 25

golovatskogo street, 104A

Seryakov Alexander


ZHEU № 27

Chechersky str., 33a

Kovaleva M. V.