OJSC "Gomel special works"

Open joint stock company "Gomel special works"

246020, Gomel, St. virgin, 19
reception tel. (Fax) 51-25-42

e-mail: gomel@gsk-ritual.by

Director: Popov Alexander Vladimirovich, phone: 51-25-42
Chief engineer: Astapenko Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich, phone: 51-25-46
Chief accountant: Kozlova Elena Petrovna, phone: 51-25-48

Shop ritual supplies: tel: 173 , tel:51-25-40
Mode of operation around the clock, without breaks and weekends.

OJSC "Gomel specialized plant" carries out the ritual service of the population, guided by the Law of the Republic of Belarus dated 12.11.2001, No. 55-3 "About burial and funeral business" (as amended on 08.01.2015 g) and "Rules of maintenance and improvement of places of burial", the approved Resolution of the Ministry of housing and communal services of the Republic of Belarus from 10.06.2016, No. 17. The company carries out maintenance work of 20 urban cemeteries.

Cemetery "Tukachevsky", "Bolshevik" are open for burials. Cemetery, "South-1", "Leszczynski" completely closed. The remaining cemeteries are burial, subject to availability in the existing fence.

The company manufactures conducting the state account of burial lots, the provision of land plots for burial, the registration of deaths, the funeral, the making and delivery of the funeral supplies, the provision of transport for the delivery of the dead. The removal (skidding) of the coffin, sanitary and beauty services (washing, dressing the deceased, etc.), preparation of graves, burial, reburial, manufacture and installation of monuments, repair items, tombstones, landscaping of places of burial (tiling), the care of graves, cutting of trees damaged at the cemeteries.