Belarusian farmers busy with second hay cutting

13 July (BelTA) – Belarusian agricultural enterprises have cut down grass for the second time on 57.7% of the area under crop or 468,500 hectares, BelTA learned from the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry.

As of 13 July as much as 3,210,000 tonnes of grass forage was harvested. There are plans to gather in a total of 9,710,000 tonnes of grass forage in 2021 or 10.35 centners of forage units per head of cattle.

So far 10,148,000 tonnes of haylage (75.1% of the target) has been harvested as well as 595,400 tonnes of hay (53.3%) and 322,500 tonnes of silage.

Apart from that, Belarusian farmers continue harvesting winter cress, with 85.3% of the area under crop processed so far. The grain yield stands at 14,400 tonnes, with crop yield at 9.45 centners per hectare.

More than 70% of the area under winter barley has been processed, with nearly 100,000 tonnes gathered in. The crop yield stands at 49.1 centners per hectare. Belarusian farmers have also started harvesting winter colza.