Gomeloboi is working on the supply of products to Turkey and Israel

Deliveries of vinyl products of the Gomeloboi branch of CBK - consult to Turkey and Israel are being worked out at the enterprise with potential partners. This was reported today to journalists the chief of service of marketing "PPM - consult" Vitaly Stebunov, BelTA has learned.

According to Vitaly Skibunova, vinyl Wallpaper is currently one of the most popular and profitable positions in the workplace. "This is a practical and affordable material. Vinyl is valued for its consumer properties, primarily for wear resistance, affordable price. Therefore, there is a demand for such Wallpaper both in our country and abroad," he said.

About 70% of products are exported. Almost all regions of the former Soviet Union are among the importers. The largest consumers are Russia (about 60%), Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia. Small parties leave for the Baltic States. There is a demand in Poland and Bulgaria.

According to the head of the marketing service, cooperation with Turkish partners is in the future, and the Israeli side is also interested. "We are currently negotiating. This is an important and difficult job. Every region has its own specificity in design, types of Wallpaper," - said Vitaly Stebunov.

Production is ready to respond quickly to the requests of customers and consumers. The company has developed and operates a program for the production of exclusive Wallpapers. Specialists of the design center are ready to fulfill any idea of the customer, create or modify any drawing.

On average, the company produces 225 thousand Euro rolls of vinyl Wallpaper every month. For better understanding of volume can represent a tape length over 2 thousand km. As emphasized in the production, line not working at the warehouse. All products, taking into account the logistics nuances, are immediately sent to consumers. Production volumes are fully formed for customer requests and incoming orders.

The vinyl Wallpaper production line was installed at the factory in 2014. The main goal of this investment project is to produce a full range of products from budget options to premium class. When the installed equipment reaches full capacity, the profitability of production will be about 15-20%.

The Gomeloboi branch is currently operating in a three-shift mode. In the future, the transition to round - the-clock work without stopping on weekends.