Meeting of district election commission in Gomel described as ‘open, democratic’

Everything was open, transparent and democratic, Vitaly Kulik, an international observer from the CIS, told the media as he attended a meeting of the district election commission in the administration of Sovetsky District of Gomel, BelTA has learned.

On 29 January the international observer took part in a meeting of the district election commission in the administration of Sovetsky District of Gomel. "Candidates were nominated by collectives, parties and through the collection of signatures. The candidates were registered. Everything was open, transparent and democratic. I have no remarks," he said.

The meeting also held a draw to determine the date and time of television and radio appearances. Further information about the candidates will be published in mass media and information leaflets to introduce the candidates to voters.

Vitaly Kulik recalled that in accordance with the regulation on the CIS observer mission, it officially started its work on 22 January. "The CIS observer mission has set up an office and got long-term observers accredited. We are monitoring the electoral process in the Republic of Belarus in accordance with the stages. Today I attended the registration of candidates. Then we will continue our active work at the stage of election campaigning. At the early voting stage we will deploy a larger mission - more than 150 observers from the CIS. Then we will send our findings to the office," he said.

The international observer also recalled that it is the first time that Belarus is holding the voting on the single day. "Our Russian colleagues have already participated in a similar format in their country," he explained.

On 25 February 2024, Belarus will hold elections to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the eighth convocation and to local councils of deputies of the 29th convocation on the single voting day.