From the responsibility of each depends on further stabilization of COVID-19 - pediatrician

Of responsibility of each person depends on further stabilization of the situation with the spread COVID-19. Such opinion in conversation with correspondent BelTA shared Deputy head of branch No. 1 of Gomel Central city children's clinic Paul Babichev.

In recent months, the efforts of health workers mobilized and focused on combating the spread of coronavirus infection, said the Deputy head. Working weekends Paul Babicheva, like many of his colleagues - since April. "Now, when the incidence decreases to the infection, parents began to be calmer. Often there is the panic and anxiety that we saw in March and April. I often see that the stores and other places people don't wear protective masks. But recommendations on mask mode, the hygiene, the distancing remain the same. From the responsibility - and the doctor in the workplace, and each person emerging from the house - depends on further stabilization of COVID-19" - says the doctor.

Paul Babichev said that the No. 1 branch serves more than 13 thousand children. The separation of children in conventionally infected and healthy were organized in March and stored until now. At the Central entrance on duty employee that measures visitors with the temperature and regulates the flow of patients.

"Most of the branches are located in typical buildings, there is initially a separate entrance. Our branch is located in the embedded space in 9-floor house, isolated, no passage. In order to organize the exit end separated from the General corridor design polycarbonate. Now this so-called red zone, through which young patients and their parents get to the doctor's office", - explained the Deputy head.

According to him, healthy children visiting the clinic is minimal. Help if medical card is a broad survey can be ordered by phone at the reception, the visit to the doctor is optional.

The doctor noted that branch staff are not complacent and continues to work seven days a week. "COVID-19 has become a serious test for each medical institution and the entire healthcare system. To cope with the situation has helped adopted at the state level measures, the cohesion of the team and the medical community, help and support from social organizations, enterprises. This is a very valuable and important in saving health and life of people", - summed up Paul Babichev.