Department of ideological work, culture and youth affairs

Department of ideological work, culture and youth Affairs Gomel city Executive Committee

Gomel, St. Sovetskaya, 16


Svetogor Nikolai
The head of Department
Tel 53-63-97
KAB. No. 216
Теl. 51-48-26

Lysenko Anastasia
Deputy chief
Tel 53-67-60
KAB. No. 212

The sector of ideological work

The sector of ideological work informs the city's population through mass media about the main events taking place in Gomel, and the major decisions taken by the Executive Committee and city Council deputies.
Carries out registration of organizational structures of political parties, public associations, trade unions operating in the city.
Ensures interaction of Executive authorities with political parties, public organizations and religious communities.
Participates in the preparation and holding of events of the socio - cultural nature.
Working closely with departments, offices and structural subdivisions of the Executive Committee.

Barkova Elena
Head of sector
Tel 53-93-68
2nd floor, KAB. 233

Antonenko Olga
chief specialist
Tel 33-79-45
2nd floor, KAB. 231

The sector of youth policy and culture

The sector of youth policy and culture carries out the implementation of the state cultural policy on the territory of the city, coordinates the activities of cultural institutions and in the framework of its competence cooperates with associations, corporations and individuals.
Develops and implements programs of the state youth policy in the city of Gomel.
Provides organizational, methodological and other support programs for children, youth and other public associations in the sphere of state youth policy.
In accordance with the assigned tasks:
- manages subordinate institutions and organizations;
- ensures the protection and conservation of historical and cultural values;
- promotes the aesthetic education of citizens;
- contributes to the promotion of various art forms;
- promotes the dissemination and popularization among the population of the city of works of art, organizes cultural events.

Malinovskaya-Usova Tatyana Gennadyevna
Head of sector
tel 53 61 14
KAB. 230

Garbar Andrey
Chief specialist
tel. 53-73-55
KAB. 210