Gomselmash exports more than 65% of the equipment

OAO Gomselmash exported more than 65% of the equipment, told the correspondent of BelTA in the press service of the company.

"According to the center for marketing and advertising enterprises in total abroad Gomselmash sends about two thirds of all manufactured equipment", - noted in press service. So, until the end of the first half of this year, in addition to the supply of products to the traditional markets of Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, scheduled shipment of equipment to Moldova and Armenia. The geography of exports in the second half of the year includes Ukraine, Uzbekistan, countries of the African continent.

The largest Belarusian manufacturer of agricultural machinery in January - April of this year significantly increased the growth of sales and exports compared to the same period of 2019. "These key indicators in monetary terms 166,2% and is 158.9%, respectively. In four months, stocks of finished products decreased by Br143. 3 million", - noted in the company.
In the production plan for may - July included more than 300 pieces of equipment.

The company stressed that the holding has a wide range of supply abroad of machinery. "A significant part of exports accounted for manufactured in various modifications combine harvesters with a double-drum threshing system KZS-1218, combines with a recognized standard of reliability with a single-drum threshing system KZS-812 and KZS-10K, also having different versions. The high interest of foreign consumers to the new combine harvesters KZS hybrid type-3219КР and having no counterparts in the world of motor combine harvester KZS-4118К", - explained the Deputy Director on sales and development Director, center of marketing and advertising of OJSC "Gomselmash" Dmitry Mulyar. According to him, a stable demand for high-performance KVK-8060, KVK-800 and its modifications, complexes of K-G-6. In the structure of exports included and a new self-propelled mower KS-100 and KS-200, trailed and mounted mowers, including the top model CRC-9 and its upgraded version. "The manufacturer is responsible for orders and supply products in a wide range of adapters to grain and forage equipment and tillage, seeders, seeders, sprayers and a wide range of other agricultural machinery," - said Dmitry Mulyar.

"In the management of the holding believe that the dynamics of the achieved growth is a natural result of the entry into force of the updated strategy of development of holding "Gomselmash" until 2030. The document was developed taking into account today's realities", - he stressed. The strategy aims to actively explore the priority markets, which identified about two dozen countries near and far abroad.

The company has added the holding continuously improves, supplements and updates the product range.

Holding "Gomselmash" is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery, included in number of leaders of the world market of harvesters and other complex agricultural machines. Today, the brand "Palesse" produces a range of grain and forage harvesters, Pachatkovaya and potato harvesters, mowers and other agricultural machinery. The harvester "Palesse" working in the fields of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Argentina, Brazil, China, the Republic of Korea, Baltic States. The company has a wide distribution network, joint ventures and Assembly plants/