Belarus' Gomel Oblast, Russia's Nizhny Novgorod Oblast intend to step up ties

Prospects for the development of mutually beneficial cooperation between Gomel Oblast and Nizhny Novgorod Oblast were discussed by Gomel Oblast Governor Ivan Krupko and head of the representative office of Russia's Nizhny Novgorod Oblast in Belarus Andrei Dudkin at a meeting on 7 August, BelTA has learned.

Ivan Krupko stressed that the events of recent years have made the parties to take a fresh look at cooperation. In his opinion, three areas are fundamental.

First, this is trade. The governor noted that trade has been growing but the possibilities have not been exhausted. "Both sides are committed to cooperation. We need to build logistics," Ivan Krupko said.

Second, this is cooperation between enterprises. As an example of work in this direction he cited Gomselmash. "We must provide ourselves with the necessary products and tap other markets. We need to study each other, give business platforms for meetings, constructive dialogue," the governor noted.

Third, it is import substitution. "Our enterprises need import-substituting competitive products," Ivan Krupko emphasized.

Cooperation in the patriotic education of the younger generation, preservation of historical memory is also important, the governor noted. "We must preserve the memory of the Great Patriotic War and pass on the truth to our children and grandchildren, so that they remember the history that some people want to rewrite today," Ivan Krupko stressed.

"I am convinced that we have a lot of joint interesting projects ahead," he concluded.

In turn, Andrei Dudkin noted that he hopes that the visit will result in closer cooperation between enterprises of Nizhny Novgorod Oblast and Gomel Oblast. "Close cooperative and business relations have long been established between our enterprises. And the purpose of the meeting is to improve them, bring something new and give impetus to relations between enterprises of the two regions," said the head of the representative office.

He stated that the economy has been growing both in Belarus and in the Russian region. There are new enterprises, and avenues to be explored.

Andrei Dudkin is set to tour enterprises producing packaging material. "These enterprises are interesting in terms of import substitution. We want to learn more and make proposals for cooperation for Nizhny Novgorod enterprises," Andrei Dudki said.

"Relations in agricultural engineering are picking up with Gomel Oblast. This is Gomselmash. We are very interested in Gomel metallurgical enterprises, because we are a large industrial region of the Russian Federation, and this is important for us. We have an interest in the food industry, IT ," the head of the representative office added.

"We will study and look at everything. Nizhny Novgorod enterprises are actively preparing to participate in the Gomel Economic Forum. We are receiving applications. More than 10 companies have already applied. We are putting together a pool of interests that we want to discuss in detail at the economic forum," Andrei Dudkin concluded.

trade between Gomel Oblast and Nizhny Novgorod Oblast last year and this year is on a growth track. BMZ, Belarusian wallpaper producer, Gomel Chemical Plant, Gomselmash, Rechitsa Hardware Plant, Mozyrsalt, SvetlogorskKhimvolokno, Multipack and others supply their products to the Russian region. Major imports are styrene polymers, waste and scrap of ferrous metals, antiknock agents, antioxidants, inhibitors, thickeners, propylene polymers and other items.