Industrial clusters


The latest developments of Belarusian scientists suggest the formation of new types of production, not having analogues in the world, capable of transferring new technology or solutions from one field of production to other, to connect the fundamental practice-oriented science, research and development and new high-tech production. All this is possible only when the cluster organization of business activity, aimed at creation of new forms of work organization and formation of the cluster innovation system.
In January 2014, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No. 27 (hereinafter – the Decree) approved the "Concept of formation and development of innovative industrial clusters in the Republic of Belarus", providing for the creation of a network of territorial-production clusters, realizing the competitive potential of the territories, the formation of a number of innovative high-tech clusters.
The concept defined the task of the state cluster policy, organizational forms and stages of cluster formation, incentive mechanisms and government support for cluster development of the economy.
The text of the Resolution is available here
You can also see a presentation on "the Formation and development of innovative industrial clusters in the Republic of Belarus", prepared by the Ministry of economy of the Republic of Belarus here
The development of industrial clusters is one way to mobilize resources in the regions for dynamic economic growth, competitiveness and diversification of the regional economy.
Homel city Executive Committee invites heads of business entities of the city of Gomel to see the information about the nature of clusters, their functions and advantages over other integration structures for the purpose of considering the possibility of creating on the basis of Gomel enterprises in industrial clusters.