"Belarusian Union of officers"



(registered by the decision of the Gomel city Executive Committee from 21 April 2007 No. 241)

In accordance with the Charter of the public Association "Belarusian Union of officers" (Changes and additions approved by the VIII Congress of October 23, 2009, minutes No. 8) the subject of activity of BSO is a military-Patriotic work, assistance in maintaining adequate defense of the Republic of Belarus, creation of necessary conditions and opportunities for effective use in the national interest of the potential and experience of the officers (p. 2. 1. )

- the consolidation of officers, the preservation and augmentation of traditions of the officers ' fraternity, the transfer of service and combat experience of officers in reserve and retired military personnel serving in the Armed Forces of Belarus;
protecting and defending the rights and legitimate interests of members of the BSO, helping to sustain a decent standard of living for the officers and members of their families, with priority and special nature of military service (p. 2. 2.)

Gomel city Council PA "BSO"
(elected at the report-election conference on 19 November 2011)

The composition of city Council:
1. Apakov Rudolph M.
2. Gorshkov V. V.
3. Klepper Valery Azarov
4. Krivko Vasily
5. Novogran Gennady Serafimovich
6. Parfenov Sergey
7. Poleshchuk, Sergei Alexandrovich
8. Khmel'kov Yuri
9. Goncharov Gennadiy Valentinovich

Chairman of the city Council BSO: Gorshkov, Viktor Vasilievich

The audit Committee:
1. Mazurkin Michael G.
2. Boris Nikolai
3. Ilyin Valery Alekseevich