Financial management of the

Financial management of the Gomel city Executive Committee

Postal address:
246050, Gomel, street of Communards, 5.

Phone/Fax: +375 232 25 67 87


T. S. BY15AKBB36049000011563000000

in branch № 300 state JSC "JSSB Belarusbank", Gomel

BIC AKBBBY21300, UNP 400245394


Requisites for transfer of payments to the city budget.

Account number:
at the Train area
No. BY34AKBB36024020001740000000,
at the Navabelitski district
No. BY35AKBB36024020001610000000,
in the Soviet district
No. BY33AKBB36024020001870000000,
for the Central district
No. BY80AKBB36024020001580000000.
Name of the beneficiary: General Directorate of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus UNP 400555165.
Name of the Bank: JSC "JSSB Belarusbank", Minsk.


Mode of operation:

Monday to Friday: 8-30 – 13-00, 14-00 – 17-30

holidays: 8-30 – 13-00, 14-00 – 16-30

Higher authorities:

1. The Gomel city Executive Committee

2. Main Finance Department of Gomel regional Executive Committee:
    Postal address:

246050, Gomel, Lenin Ave, 2

phone: +375 232 33 40 03 – each of the

Fax: +375 232 33 40 43

working time: Monday to Friday: 8-30 – 13-00, 14-00 – 17-30

holidays: 8-30 – 13-00, 14-00 – 16-30


Financial management of the Gomel city Executive Committee is a structural division of the Gomel city Executive Committee and is accountable for its activities to the Executive Committee and chief financial management of the Gomel regional Executive Committee.

In its activities, financial management is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, legislation of the Republic of Belarus, decisions and orders of the city Council of Deputies and Executive Committee, orders, instructions, guidelines of the Ministry of Finance of Belarus and the main financial management of regional Executive Committee.

The main objectives of financial management are:

1. Effective implementation of fiscal and tax, in terms of local taxes and fees, policy on the territory of the city of Gomel.

2. The preparation of the draft budget of the city of Gomel (further – the budget of the city) and submit it for consideration of the Executive Committee and approval of the Gomel city Council of deputies.

3. Conducting within its competence measures for timely and full receipt of revenues, the effective and targeted disbursement of funds of the city budget.

4. Control over compliance with budget legislation at the stage of drafting, review, approval and execution of the budget of the city.

Financial management examines the treatment (proposals, applications, complaints) citizens, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs on issues related to the competence of financial bodies.

"Hot line" is carried out in working hours on working days by phone +375 232 25 67 87

The book of comments and suggestions is at reception, KAB. No. 6

Reception of citizens by the experts of the financial management is carried out:

Monday to Friday: 8-30 – 13-00, 14-00 – 17-30;
Saturday: 9.00-13.00 by appointment
(pre-registration is provided in the reception financial administration (KAB.6) or telephone 25 67 87)

Guide to financial management, time of administration, contact:


Head of financial management

Lazarenko Zhanna

Phone 32 92 78


The time of admission

Office No.


Head of financial management

Lazarenko Zhanna

Each Wednesday of the month

8-00 - 13-00


32 92 78

Deputy chief

the financial management

Kalinkova Tatiana

Monday and Tuesday of each month

8-00 – 13-00


50 64 43

Deputy head of financial management

Tsalko Irina

Thursday and Friday of each month

14-00 – 17-30


32 92 79

Preliminary record on reception by phone 25 67 87


The structural unit of financial management, contacts

Department budget planning

Head of Department – Voronina Ekaterina

KAB. No. 13

tel 50 64 37

Finance division service sector

Head of Department – 

KAB. No. 13

tel: 50 64 01

The Department of revenues

Head of Department – Chernyakova Angelina

KAB. No. 9

tel: 50 64 30

The Department of Finance of the production sphere

Head of Department – Kozlovskaya Marina

KAB. No. 9

tel: 50 64 31

Division of accounting and reporting

Chief accountant – Kovaleva Svetlana

KAB. No. 11

phone 50 64 02