Bauman street, 4

of Bauman str., Gomel, Bauman str., 4

The brick 2-storey building has a complex layout.

The central axis of the main facade is emphasized by a through arched passage on the ground floor and a balcony on the second floor. Rectangular window openings without any decor emphasize the utilitarian orientation of the architecture of the mid-twentieth century. The facade is flanked by blades and completed with a profiled cornice. On the side of the courtyard there is a right side two–storey volume - the longest part of the house. The left side part is represented by a one-story extension.

Bauman Street began to form at the beginning of the XIX century . Its ancient name – Boyarskaya – is associated with the Boyarsky (now Biletsky) descent. Subsequently, the street became the place of residence of the wealthy strata of society. In 1919 it was renamed in honor of Yakov Sverdlov. In 1957, the street was named after the Russian revolutionary figure N.E. Bauman.

Presumably, the building at 4 Bauman Street was built in the XIX century. (exact information has not been preserved), however, in some documents 1855 is listed as the year of construction. It can be attributed to the typical urban development of the middle of the XIX century, when the construction of standard projects became widespread.
Based on the map of Gomel in 1913 and the address and reference book «All of Gomel» for 1913-1915, it can be assumed that the city police department was located in this building at that time.

In the first half of the twentieth century, the building may have been used as an administrative building (there is no exact information). During the Great Patriotic War, the house was partially destroyed, in 1950. restored as a residential. The buildings of that time began to gravitate towards utilitarianism, almost flat facades were decorated with standard stucco decor. In 1951, an extension was made to the house, which turned the building from an «Г»-shaped shape into a «П»-shaped one.

Now it is a two-storey, 12-apartment residential building, in the annex to which there is a public law enforcement point No. 1 of the administration of the Central District of Gomel.

image001.jpgSchematic plan of the city of Gomel. 1913 (item 76 – city police department)

image002.jpgBauman street, house №4. Photo of 2012.

image003.jpgBauman street, house №4. Photo of 2023.