CSEA "town centre improvement"

Service municipal unitary enterprise "City center of healing"
246022, Gomel, Sovetskaya St., 42
reception tel. (Fax) 33-54-36

e-mail: gcojkh@mail.gomel.by

Director: Borisenko, Victor Vladimirovich, phone: 33-54-26
Chief engineer: Dunda Evgeny Nikolaevich, phone: 33-54-29
Chief accountant: Mole Ekaterina Ivanovna, phone: 33-54-61

The subject of activity is rendering services to the population associated with the rehabilitation and provision of physical comfort.
CSEA "town centre improvement" are such activities as the provision of bathing facilities, rooms, showers, infrared saunas etc.


List of administrative procedures carried out by CSEA "town centre improvement" on applications of citizens

Phone numbers baths:

Bath № 1 (street Soviet, 42), vol. 33 54 76
Bath No. 4 (Ukrainska str, 12), t 73 04 76
Bath No. 6 (8 Lenin St., 28), 39 52 34
Bath No. 8 (G. p. Kostyukovka, Pervomayskaya St., 3), M. T. 696 50 33

Schedule baths and tariff information