COOP "Spetskommuntrans"

Communal unitary enterprise "Spetskommuntrans"
246007, Gomel, St. agricultural,1
reception tel. (Fax) 50-01-32

The company's website:


Director: Tkachev, Valery Ivanovich, phone: 50-01-29
Chief engineer: Mikhasev Viktor Vladimirovich, phone: 50-01-20
Chief accountant: Kobyalko Oleg Fedorovich, phone: 50-01-25

Reception on personal matters:

Monday from 14.00 to 20.00,
the first Saturday of the month from 9.00 to 13.00.

The subject of activity of the unitary enterprise "Spetskommuntrans" is the provision of services for the collection of garbage, rubbish, waste, removal construction debris, dumping of waste on land, disposal of waste, emptying of cesspools and septic tanks, transportation of wastes, trapping of stray animals, the maintenance of accommodation for animals.

Enterprise COOP "Spetskommuntrans" performs the following activities:

  • maintenance and repair of motor vehicles;
  • wholesale trade of other non-metal wastes and scraps;
  • other retail trade in specialized stores not included in other groups;
  • dining rooms, including implementation of the activities of the canteen;
  • other passenger land transport, including international transport of passengers by road;
  • cargo land transportation, including intercity transportation of goods by road and intra-road transport;
  • advertising;
  • veterinary activities;
  • sewage and waste disposal, sanitation and similar services;
  • the catching of neglected animals on the territory of the city of Gomel;
  • the contents of the hotel for animals.

The list of paid services provided by COOP "Spetskommuntrans"

Type of service:

Telephone for information:

- solid waste for one-time applications;

- the cleaning of cesspools, the removal of liquid waste from one-off applications;

- transportation of cargoes by motor transport;

- loading of bulk cargo front loader to-28.


- service pet hotel for animals;

- the capture of stray animals in the filings;

- Pets welcome from the population;

- return the captured stray animals to their owners;

- teaching pet owners the rules of the treatment of animals.


services Luggage;

- making copies of documents;

- sewing slipcovers for cars on individual applications;

hire household appliances, sports equipment, tents, sleeping bags, construction tools.


On the basis of the unitary enterprise "Spetskommuntrans" in 1992, cynological center, which operates a veterinary clinic, a shop selling animal feed and opened a hotel for dogs. In addition, the company is engaged in the registration of animals.

The chief of film logical service: Redikin Yuri Nikolaevich, tel 73-11-74