Sports facilities

Gomel sports facilities are ready to satisfy the most serious ambitions, both professional and Amateur athletes.

The city created an entire industry of sports with a developed material base, scientific potential and highly qualified coaching staff.
Hockey, figure skating, football, Boxing, volleyball, basketball, horse riding, free-style and Greco-Roman wrestling, Cycling, gymnastics, rowing, weightlifting is priority in Gomel sports.
In recent years the number of sports facilities in the regional center increased markedly, and created in them the conditions meet international standards.

A Gomel has a 533 sports facilities including 6 stadiums, arena 2 (1 athletics, 1 equestrian), 2 - universal seasonal rink, 205 gyms (including 10 – specialized), 57 swimming pools (including 8 standard, 10 non-standard, 39 mini-pools), 16 tennis courts and other sports facilities. And this is a serious tool for training athletes.

Popular the Gomel Ice Palace.
Commissioned on 22 may 2000. The ice Palace quickly became a city-wide center of sports, entertainment, educational events. The main building is designed for holding official competitions in hockey, figure skating and concerts and events with a capacity of 2,700 spectators.
Address: Gomel, Mazurova str., 110
Tel.(0232) 72 56 17, 72 51 30 ( administrator)
(0232) 78 41 73 (cash)
The Central stadium with a capacity of 15 thousand spectators meets the requirements of FIFA and UEFA.
Tribunes represent one three-storey building with accommodation in the premises of the East, South and West stands, administrative, sporting and commercial premises. Over all the stands there is a shed.
Establishment "Gomel regional Olympic reserve center for athletics" is intended for training and competitions on the main types of athletics and games types: table tennis, volleyball, basketball, all types of wrestling, Boxing, weightlifting, archery, fencing etc.
In addition to sporting events, are spectacular and cultural holidays.
Establishment "Gomel regional Olympic reserve center for sports".
The main arena can accommodate up to 100 spectators, designed for sports and recreational activities, sports and competitions in handball, tennis, table tennis, wrestling, Boxing, acrobatics, gymnastics, fencing, dance sport. The institution has its own four-story hotel for the athletes.

In September 1963 openly State institution "Specialized children and youth sports school of Olympic reserve number 4" - the school with the departments of sports and gymnastics, acrobatics, trampoline and acrobatic track - Over the years it has trained more than 250 masters of sports and masters of sports of international class. The best pupils of the school repeatedly became Champions and prize-winners of Republican and international competitions, including such as the European and world Championships.
Currently, schools are more than 600 students, coaching and teaching are more than 40 coaches.

Of great importance in improving sports skills of students has sports facilities of the school. It includes specialized rooms for classes in gymnastics, equipped with the necessary gymnastic equipment, specialized gym with tumbling and trampoline, dance classes and other facilities.

In Gomel there is a school of the highest skill, school of the Olympic reserve, 40 children and youth schools. Gomel is located in the country's best rowing club of the high sportsmanship school "Vodnik". With her discovery of the rowers had the opportunity to improve their skills and achieve high results.
For many years, the Gomel is famous for its sports traditions. Gomel loudly declare themselves at international competitions in various sports.

Repeatedly raised on the Olympic podium, Leonid Geyshtor, Elena Rudkovskaya, Igor Makarov, Andrey Kravchenko and other athletes-Gomel. At the XXI Deaflympics first place in swimming was taken by Omelchenko Oksana Petrushenko and Maria Rudko, and Margaret Grall won first place in athletics in the triple jump.

Learn horse riding is possible at Gomel regional center of Olympic reserve in equestrian sport. Despite his more than half a century old, Gomel equestrian complex is considered one of the best in the country. The complex is located on the former summer estate of the princes of the region. Many buildings are well preserved until our days: the Racecourse, stables, caretaker's house, a cascade of ponds. Today the estate is of considerable historical and architectural value. In the complex provide paid services working group of rental horses. Operates horseracing Museum.