Department of housing

The Department of housing and communal services of the Gomel city Executive Committee

In its activities, the Department of housing and public utilities is guided by the legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus, decisions of regional and city Executive committees. The activity of the Department of housing and communal economy carries out in cooperation with national and regional government bodies, departments and offices of the city Executive Committee and administrations of districts of the city, other organizations.

The main functions of the Department are:

  • organization of interaction and coordination of urban public institutions and enterprises with the communal services of the city, regardless of their departmental affiliation and forms of ownership;
  • prepare together with departments and offices to draft decisions and directives of the Executive Committee on the improvement of engineering and transport infrastructure of the city of Gomel, municipal facilities, housing and control over their execution;
  • control over the implementation of measures on preparation for operation during the autumn-winter period of housing facilities regardless of their departmental affiliation and forms of ownership;
  • participation in development of annual and long-term plans for reconstruction and repair of objects of housing and communal services;
  • coordination of works on questions of housing and communal services, water, sanitation, lighting, heating, water supply, landscaping, sanitation, and beautification;
  • coordination of services for maintenance and current repair of roads, major repairs of housing stock;
  • participation in the work of the commissions of the enterprises and the organisations to investigate the cause of damage of engineering networks and the development of organizational and technical measures for their prevention;
  • inventory of premises of the state housing stock;
  • consideration of letters, applications of citizens, references of heads of enterprises, organizations on the issues included in the competence of the Department of housing and communal services;
  • the study and providing methodological and Advisory assistance to utilities for the development and effective functioning of the city infrastructure, making suggestions for improving their work.
  • the implementation of a unified state technical policy on development and sustainable operation of objects of public passenger transport of all types of communications, environmental services;
  • coordination of work of city passenger transport, telephone and postal services, regardless of ownership and departmental affiliation;
  • work with arrayinstance of natural resources and environmental control compliance with sanitary and environmental state of the territory of the city, drainage systems, cleaning of drains promodel, objects of green economy, recreation areas for the population.


Mlynarczyk E. Paul

The head of Department housing

Gomel, St. Sovetskaya, 16


Tokarenko Denis

Deputy Head of Department

t. 33 22 72

Lyalkova Elena

Chief Specialist

t. 53 60 96

Mikhaseva Alexandra 

Chief Specialist

t. 51 40 10