Sanitary requirements for objects of small retail network


Given aizatsky the spring-summer period and the leading role of food production in the spread of intestinal infections inform about the requirements of sanitary and epidemiological legislation for the organization of objects small retail trade network:

  • the location of the object of small retail network, the conditions of its operation, the assortment of food sold should be agreed with gossannadzor;
  • objects of small retail network of production of food products in a limited range;
  • the implementation in organizations of small retail network of perishable foodstuffs in the absence of refrigeration equipment is prohibited;
  • the storage of containers or bagged food products (drinks) in the neighborhood, as well as food storage without pallets directly on the ground is not allowed;
  • hot finished product (patties, belyashi, pasties, etc.) must be dispensed from an insulated or heated containers, trucks; bulk products shall be released to buyers in paper napkins or packets;
  • mobile media small retail network at the end of the day must be returned to the core enterprise and sanitized; storage mobile and portable commercial equipment and foodstuff at home is strictly prohibited.

Seller of small retail network is obliged to provide:

  • the contents of the tent, truck, container, truck, tray and surrounding area clean;
  • the reception and sales of food products to carry documents confirming their origin, quality and safety;
  • strict adherence to expiration dates and rules of holiday food (if you leave to use tongs, scoops, shovels);
  • protection of products from contamination;
  • strictly observe the rules of personal hygiene must be properly dressed, to work in a clean sanitary clothes, have a special hat, lapel brand name of the organization indicating its name, address (location) name of the seller;
  • to have the personal medical book of the established sample.

Requirements for the objects of small retail trade network for the implementation of the drinks from the KEG-barrels:

  • organization of delivery of products from the manufacturer to the place of use in cold conditions;
  • the possibility of cold storage of goods in a warehouse, officially the food, the whole batch delivered from the manufacturer of the product;
  • the presence of the entity's own refrigerated vehicles to transport products from the manufacturer to the places of storage and sale;
  • the point placement of small retail bottling soft drink in the vicinity of the base of the commercial enterprise, having in mind the accessibility of its premises for storage mobile (removable) shop equipment, sanitizing of commercial equipment, refrigeration chambers for return to the storage of started and full kegs KEGS;
  • availability of refrigeration equipment or insulated for the installation of barrels, KEGS in all areas of implementation of non-alcoholic beverages;
  • the availability of water for ongoing regular cleaning of the workplace of trade in bottling and sanitizing of the neck of the barrels of KEG;
  • the availability of cleaning equipment, including cleaning, workplace trade to the spill;
  • storage conditions: disposable plastic ware;
  • the presence of construction for the installation of plastic bag for collecting used disposable plastic ware;
  • the presence of performed to an adequate artistic level of sanitary clothing y;
  • provide small retail attributes, revealing its owner indicating his address and the license for trading activities;
  • the presence of mandatory labeling of kegs of KEG, indicating the name of the soft drink and its manufacturer, storage conditions and shelf life;
  • the presence of the documents confirming the state hygienic regulation and registration of products.

The main state
sanitary doctor of Gomel V. N. Zinovich