Waste paper from the public


To the recycling plant, glass or polyethylene, but still get paid for it, you can in the collection points of recyclable materials. UE "Gomeloobldorstroy", COOP "Spetskommuntrans", JSC "Gomelchimtorg".

Points are located at the following addresses:

St. 7-I Selmashevsky,

October PR. (R-n MAG. Aresa),

St. recica, 1A,

Sevastopolskaya str, 75,

St. B. Charikova, 53,

street (private s-R),

Pine St.,

street Borisenko,

ul., 32,

ul Telegina,

PR-t Kosmonavtov, 102A,

golovatskogo, 96,

St. B. Lizyukovykh, 28,

St. international, 33,

20-a MD-n,

street rechitskoe shosse, 41,

golovatskogo, 97,

Lazurnaya St., 12,

B. Khmelnitskogo str., 108,

ul 60 let SSSR, 12,

str 9-I Novoselova,

p. Win

Central market

Zaslonova str., 3,

Dubravnaya St., 10,

St. Kozhara (R-n Parking on St Abilena, 48b),

St long distance,

Stepanenko str. (near the shop "HIPPO",

Stepanenko str. (near the shop "Neighbours"

St. Manevich (end of bus route No. 12),

Ukrainian St., 23 (R-N. Mokhov moving).

Purchase prices for recyclables from the population for 1 kg waste paper – 0.15 rubles, and PET-bottle, plastic – 0,10 rubles; glass - 0,12 – 0,13 RUB.

More information about prices, collection points can be clarified by phone.(0232) 26-11-26, (044) 599-38-10, (0232) 31 64 03, (0232) 43-52-91, 8-029-755-13-45, 8-044-777-56-67.
With the accumulation of more than 10 kg of recyclable waste (separated by type) you can contact on the above phone and you will come and pick up recyclables.