HIV epidemiological situation

HIV Epidemiology

The state program “Public Health and Demographic Security of the Republic of Belarus” for 2016 - 2020 (see here)

Plan of information and educational activities on HIV / AIDS at enterprises and organizations in Gomel for 2019 (see here)

A comprehensive plan of operational measures to stabilize and reduce the incidence of HIV infection in the territory of the city of Gomel for 2019 (see here)

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HIV epidemic in the Gomel region in January-July 2019

The incidence rate of HIV infection in January-July 2019 amounted to 26.24 per 100 thousand people (-21.5% compared to the same period in 2018), 371 new cases of the disease were detected.

On the territory of the Gomel region, 8,151 people with HIV-positive status live.

Sexual transmission of HIV prevails in the region (93% of cases this year).

Men are more often involved in the epidemic process (56%), the proportion of women is 44%.

The age of patients identified in 2018 was: 0-14 years old - 0.5%, 15-19 years old - 0.3%, 20-29 years old - 4.3%, 25-29 years old - 8.6%, 30- 34 years old - 15.4%, 35-39 years old - 15.4%. The largest number of new cases was registered in the age group of 40 years and older (55.5%).

In terms of social status, among patients with HIV infection identified during the 7 months of 2019, workers (46.4%) and people without a specific activity (29.1%) prevail; 6.5% - patients were identified upon admission to places of deprivation of liberty.

The only reliable way to ensure that you are not infected with HIV is to get tested for HIV antibodies no earlier than 6 weeks after you are at risk of infection (having sex without a condom or injecting drugs).

In the Gomel region, screening of the population for HIV infection continues. In a number of regions of the region and in the city of Gomel, they will be offered a test when contacting the clinic.

If your life has had risky situations, do not wait until the doctor prompts you to undergo an examination: you can buy a saliva test kit in a pharmacy, or make an HIV blood test for free and anonymously in any medical institution of the republic, as well as in the department HIV / AIDS Prevention of the Gomel Regional Center for Central Health and Public Health at the address: Gomel, st. Moiseenko, 49.

HIV / AIDS Prevention Department, Gomel Regional Center for Central Health and Health

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