CGROUP "Selmashevsky"

The municipal housing repair and maintenance unitary enterprise "Selmashevsky"

246004, Gomel, PR. Kosmonavtov, 15

Reception tel. (Fax) 20-02-49



Director: Kozlovskiy Vyacheslav Vladimirovich, phone: 63-36-00
Acting chief engineer: Skomoroh Evgeny Vasilievich, phone: 20-11-06
Chief accountant: Petkova Klavdia Nikolaevna, phone: 20-02-74

"The hot line" by T. 20-02-49

The municipal housing repair and maintenance unitary enterprise "Selmashevsky" formed on the basis of the former housing and public utilities management production Association "Gomselmash" in 2002 and registered in the unified state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs of the Gomel regional Executive Committee decision №853 of 27.12.2002

The subject of activity is maintenance and repair of housing Fund, objects of municipal services, implementation of works on the external landscaping and landscaping, repair and maintenance of metering devices, control and regulation of the flow rate (flow) of water and heat energy, installation, operation and repair of elevators, the provision of services to the population.

To conduct production and business activities KGROUP "Selmashevsky" has special permissions (licenses):

to carry out security activities;
to carry out activities in the field of road, inland waterway, sea transport (excluding domestic transportation for own needs);
to carry out activities in the field of industrial safety;
the accreditation certificate of the laboratory of electrophysical tests.On maintenance of the enterprise – 274 houses (including the hostel buildings – 8 units, houses ZHSPK – 4 units, apartment buildings – 259, blocked apartment houses – 7 units), which are home to 65.522 man, 859 entrances, 614 elevators.

The service is located 267 yards site (including the yard areas of ZHSPK 26 and TC).

Square neighborhood of 485 hectares.

For maintenance of the housing stock involved six housing maintenance sites (№1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 9), VES maintenance of hostels, industrial base, transport sector, emergency dispatch service, workshop on repair and maintenance of elevators.


Beginning of the working day – 8.30 am

Break - 13.00 – 14.00
The end of the day – 17.30
Weekends – Saturday, Sunday

ZHEU – Sunday, Monday

The boundaries of the service area of the housing Department GPO

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31-16-83, 22-31-37



Surname, name, patronymic of the head of the housing Department

The phone number

Housing Department № 1

Ul.B. Zharikova 48

Kulinchenko V. L.

27-42-13, 27-21-69

ZHEU № 2

Ul.Working 10

D. V. Asadchaya


ZHEU № 4

Ul.50 years of GMS 22

Pavlenkovich K. V.

ZHEU № 6

Ul.Ephraim 5

Boligatov V.

26-65-78, 26-65-79

ZHEU № 7

Ul. Osipova 15

Demchenko N. N.

22-61-01, 25-00-77

ZHEU № 9

Ul.G.Underground 15A

V. A. Chernobay

62-39-85, 62-48-65


PR. Cosmonauts 15

Miller, D. A.


CGROUP "Selmashevsky" renders the following paid services:

1. Installation (replacement) of metering water consumption.
2. Replacement of heating pipes and heating appliances.
3. Warranty service sanitary.
4. Replacement (installation) of the sanitary facilities (toilets, sinks, washbasins, mixers, bathtubs, towel warmers).
5. Replacement of piping hot and cold water, radiators in apartments and individual homes.
6. Installation and connection of washing machines and dishwashers to the water supply, Sewerage, to the mains with grounding wire.
7. Replacement and installation of electrical wiring and electrical fittings (sockets, switches, etc.).
8. The connection of chandeliers, lamps, bells, etc.
9. Device of suspended ceilings (siding, PVC panels, drywall, etc.).
10. Replacement of floor coverings (linoleum, laminate, particleboard, etc.).
11. The incorporation and arrangement of slopes, Windows, doors.
12. Finishing work of walls, ceilings, Windows, doors (including removal and re-papering).
13. Window installation, interior and exterior doors, accessories.
14. Installation (replacement) of door and window hardware (latches, locks).
15. Tiling (ceramic tile, PVC panels, etc.)
16. The device of concrete floors, screeds grounds.
17. Warming of balconies, loggias and filling attics.
18. Insulation of attics, basements mineral-cotton materials.
19. Manufacturing of products from wood, metal including with the installation (frames, benches, carpentry, gazebos, railings, fences, etc.).
20. Pouring foundations.
21. The device driveways, pedestrian walkways, playgrounds (asphalt, tile, wooden poles).
22. The device and replacement of the roof drainage devices, wind boards, skates.
23. Dismantling doors, Windows.
24. The installation of the architraves, skirting boards.
25. Plastering and putty works.
26. Repair porches.
27. The installation of cornices, kitchen furniture.
28. The provision of transport services.
29. Services of load-lifting mechanisms.
30. Cleaning, washing Windows.
31. Removal of construction debris, large furniture, appliances.
32. Plowing and mowing of grass areas, pruning and demolition of trees, removal of grass and debris.
33. Change (repair) mailbox.
34. avtouslugi.
35. industrial mountaineering.
36. and other services

To obtain more information about provide CGROUP "Selmashevsky" (including tariffs), as well as to make a claim please call 63-36-13.

CGROUP "Selmashevsky" offers for rent free communal property.
The phone 63-36-20