Lenin square, 16

Building of Lenin ave.,
Gomel, Lenin ave., 16

The A-shaped 4-storey volume is located at the intersection with Krestyanskaya street. The street facades are plastered, divided by a cornice into two horizontal tiers, the lower tier is highlighted with rectangular rustication, stylization of classical motifs is applied in the decor. Part of the facade on Krestyanskaya Street has a lower height.

The accent is the cut corner part of the building at the intersection of streets. The vertical of the facade is emphasized by pilasters (with patterned capitals – on the first tier, relief ornament with vases, garlands, pilasters with palmettes, medallions with Soviet symbols – on the second). The exterior of the corner part is almost completely repeated on the adjacent parts of the two side facades.

The decor of the showcase windows of the lower tier along the ave. Lenin (double Corinthian pilasters, a common cornice with a wavy meander and a smoothly plastered belt) is developed from the sandrik of the central window of the corner part. The facade of the upper tier from Lenin Ave. repeats the decor of the corner part, and from Krestyanskaya st. – only the arched windows of the third floor.

The narrow balconies of the first tier are decorated with a balustrade, the wide ones on the second tier are decorated with a wrought–iron fence with floral ornaments. The facades are crowned by a low rectangular attic with a balustrade.

The courtyard facades are divided into three tiers, but much more modest. The lower tier is completed by a cornice with curbs, the middle one – with curbs and dentils. The upper one is decorated with arches with geometric ornament and luxury. The frieze is decorated with red diamonds on a light background. The entrances are decorated with bay windows on their own foundation.

Lenin Avenue (since 1960, and earlier – Zamkovaya Street (the end of the XIX century), Lunacharsky (since 1923), Komsomolskaya (since the 1930s)) is the main thoroughfare of Gomel. During the Great Patriotic War, it was almost completely destroyed. The new building is a fairly integral architectural ensemble. Among the samples of that time is house No. 16, erected for the workers of the Gomselmash plant according to the arch project. Kosyakova Alexander Ivanovich (in 1945 – 1956 worked in the Gomel branch of the Institute «Belgosproekt», in 1957 – 1963 – chief architect of Gomel) in 1954 In 2004. the entrance to the basement was reconstructed.

image001.jpgLenin avenue, the project of house № 16 (arch. Khinchin Sh.I.). The 1950s. From the archive of JSC "Gomelgrazhdanproekt".

image002.jpg Lenin avenue, house № 16. Photo of 1965 From the archive of JSC «Gomelgrazhdanproekt».

image003.jpgLenin avenue, house №16.