Biletsky street, 10

The building of the former Russian tavern
in Gomel, 10 Biletsky str.

The building is two-storeyed, T-shaped in plan. The main facade of the symmetrical composition faces Biletsky Street. The first floor is rhythmically divided by semi-columns of the Doric order. Rusticated piers, above the rectangular windows and the main entrance – keystones. The interstory cornice – wide, profiled – rests on semi-columns. The windows of the second floor are decorated with profiled platbands with keystones, balustrades, panels, triangular sandricks. A profiled cornice with dentils runs both under the roof of the building and under the slopes of the triangular pediment.

At the beginning of the XIX century, a new architectural and planning structure was formed in Gomel, active construction began. Among the houses on Biletsky St. (at the end of the XIX century known as Millionnaya), which faced the main square, a Russian tavern was erected in 1822. Researcher of the architecture of the city of Gomel of the XIX century V.F. Morozov considers John Clark to be the author of the project.

In the XIX century. the building had a «П»-shaped plan, the first floor was brick, the second – wooden. In the drawings of 1844, the decor of the second floor was a wide arched window above the main entrance. On the ground floor there was a through passage to the courtyard: on the right side there was an inn, on the left there were rooms for the coachmen and the innkeeper, two open stairs led to the second floor with rooms for guests. After the transition in 1830 The military lived in this part of the city to the military engineering department, later it was rebuilt for the cadet school, at the turn of the century it housed the office of the 160th Infantry regiment of Abkhazia. Before the Great Patriotic War, the house was used to house NKVD personnel.

After the Great Patriotic War , the building was restored in 1949 . At the same time, its plan probably changed (from «П»-shaped to «T»-shaped, the through passage to the courtyard disappeared), a pediment appeared above the main entrance and the decor of the second floor was enriched. Since the restoration, the monument has been used as an administrative building. Previously, there were the City Committee and the Central District Committee of the CPB, the People's Control Committee, now the administration of the Central District of Gomel is located here.


image001.pngBeletsky street. Drawing of 1844.The building of the former Russian tavern. From the book by Morozov V.F. «Gomel classic. Era. Patrons. Architecture», 1997

image002.pngBeletsky street. The administration building of the Central district of Gomel. Photo 2009.

image003.jpgBeletsky street. The administration building of the Central district of Gomel. Photo 2023.