Municipal production unitary enterprise "Gomelvodokanal"

Municipal production unitary enterprise "gomelvodokanal"
246032, Gomel, St Malaichuka, d. 6
telephone reception 35-85-02
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Director: Sedov Alexander Grigorievich, phone: 35-85-00
Chief engineer: Gribanov Vladimir Nikolaevich, phone: 35-85-01
Chief accountant: vorozhun of Larisa Mikhailovna, phone: 35-85-05

Dispatch (emergency), phone: 35-85-52, 35-85-53

Scope of activity:
Operation of water supply and Sewerage system of the city for the purpose of rendering services to population, enterprises, organizations, institutions for water supply and sanitation, maintenance of metering devices, monitoring and controlling the flow (flow) of water.

In connection with the establishment of the project group municipal production unitary enterprise "gomelvodokanal" carries out following kinds of works:
- development of design-estimate documentation for construction and repair of artesian wells;
- development of projects of sanitary protection zones of water intake facilities;
- development of the project rationale of mining allotment boundaries of underground water intakes;
- designing of borehole dewatering.


  • collection, purification and distribution of water;
  • excavation work;
  • plumbing;
  • other construction finishing works;
  • services on storage of vehicles belonging to citizens;
  • maintenance and repair of motor vehicles;
  • retail trade in non-specialized stores;
  • the provision of transport services;
  • sewage, waste disposal, sanitation, etc. services;
  • storage and warehousing;
  • construction, woodworking and joinery;
  • wholesale trade of a wide range of products without any
  • repair tools and devices, including manufacture of works on installation of flow meters and water meters for legal entities and citizens.

Non-production sphere enterprises represented by municipal subsidiary unitary enterprise of Children's rehabilitation health center "Kache" and "Prestige".

In the hotel complex "Prestige" is equipped room for the disabled and physically impaired persons, as well as a stair lift universal crawler "BARS-UGP-130"