Case management

The management of the Affairs of the Gomel city Executive Committee

The main objectives of administration are:

  • organizational and financial, economic, technical, transport;
  • develop and conduct activities that contribute to efficient organization of work of the office of the Executive Committee and its structural subdivisions;
  • the formation of the agendas of the meetings of the Executive Committee, planning Board meetings when the Chairman of the Executive Committee on the questions subordinated to the administrative Directorate;
  • the organization and implementation of timely and correct execution of Executive and administrative documentation in the activities of the city Executive Committee;
  • organization and improvement of documentation at all levels of the office of the Executive Committee, its departments and divisions, the local administrations;
  • rational use of estimates of the city Council, provision of goods-material values, money, documents, timely payment of wages to workers of the office of the city Council;
  • development and implementation of activities to strengthen state and labour discipline of the staff of the city Council;
  • coordination of work of office, departments and divisions of the Executive Committee concerning internal regulations.

Gomel, St. Sovetskaya, 16


Mangos Irina 

the head of Department
tel: 51-47-28

The office of records management, document management

Kulaga Inna 
head of Department
telephone: 53 51 13
1st floor, KAB. No. 106

Bogdanovich Yana 
chief inspector
telephone: 53 51 13
1st floor, KAB. No. 106

Kosarevski Dmitry 
database administrator
tel: 51 01 10
1st floor, KAB. No. 116

The Commission on Affairs of minors

The basic directions of work is:

- coordination of activities of state bodies and public associations for the prevention of neglect and offenses of minors;
the experts of the Commission dealing with issues of children and adolescents left without parental care who are in extreme situations, protection of rights and legitimate interests of minors;

- supervise the conduct of educational and preventive work with minors in educational institutions irrespective of their organizational-legal forms, including closed institutions.


Kulakovskaya Alina

Deputy Chairman of the Commission on Affairs of minors
KAB. No. 114