Charity funds and organizations

Public associations and religious organizations of Gomel, engaged in charitable work

The name of the Association

Legal address, phone

International charitable public Association "Help for Chernobyl children"

Gomel, Lenin Ave., 3/303
74-01-79, 74-14-84

International charitable public Association man-
ecological safety and civil protection of the population from emergency situations "technoelastmost"

Gomel, PR. Kosmonavtov, 61,K. 301
74-33-51, 54-52-00

Public Association: "Gomel regional Fund" "living with Chernobyl"

Gomel, Suburban, 4
50-09-22, 54-89-18

Public organization of charity "people in the world - the children of Chernobyl"

Gomel, Kirova str., 18

Public Association "Education"

Gomel, St. Peasant, 14

Gomel regional center of social-psychological support "Spirituality"

Gomel, Pushkin str., 14

Public Association "Gomel regional youth Foundation"

Gomel,St. Peasant 14/18

City charitable public Association "Health"

Gomel,golovatskogo street, 19
57-07-60, 57-84-16

The city branch of public Association "Belarusian Republican society "Children in trouble"

Gomel, St. Bykhovskaya, 108
45-70-40, 48-14-04


City public Association "Gomel-Herten"

Gomel, October Ave., 46a

City public Association "Center of humanitarian programs for people with disabilities"

Gomel, St. the Soviet,97
72-43-36, 57-70-55

City public Association "Chernobyl's Legacy"

Gomel. Sovetskaya, 19
51-41-90, 57-06-27

Regional public Association "Help for Gomel"

Gomel, St. people's militia, 16/85
51-29-65, 51-78-47

Christian city charity public organization "Patmos"

Gomel, ul Kurchatova,9

City public Association "Association of families of children with disabilities, cerebral palsy and spinal cord pathologies"

Gomel, ul Kozhara,13

Charitable Catholic Mission "Caritas - Mercy", the Roman Catholic Church "Nativity of the Mother of God"

Gomel, Soviet, 118

The Evangelical Church "Grace"

Gomel, St. Joy, 15

The seventh-day Adventist Church

Gomel, St. Kotovsky, 1046

Gomel city public Association "Children's diabetes"

Gomel, ul. zharkovskogo, 20

Gomel regional charitable Fund "children's Health"

Gomel, Sovetskaya street, 29 K. 320