Kommunarov street, 4

The building of the M.I.Kalinin cinema,
Gomel, Kommunarov str., 4

The M.I. Kalinin cinema is a complex of interconnected multi–storey volumes. The historical part is a three–storey rectangular building in plan. The entrance group is decorated in the form of a loggia, limited by staircase volumes. It has four arches in two floors with profiled platbands. Each arch on the third floor corresponds to a window with profiled sander and cornice. The central double arches lead to the double doorways, the side – to the display windows. Above the windows and doors on the second floor level there are round windows in profiled frames. The entrances to the staircase volumes are decorated with rectangular desudeports with bas-reliefs of ships.

A developed atik adds solemnity to the facade (a parapet with a balustrade, a belt of ionics, a ribbon of modillons and square panels, which is repeated on the spotlights). The walls of the building are decorated with shallow rustication. The decoration of the side facades is modest. The interiors of the auditorium and the foyer of the historical part are also of artistic and historical value (for example, the mosaic panel «Folk Festivals», M. Kazakevich and D. Aleynik).

In 1911– 1912 at the corner of Rumyantsevskaya (now Sovetskaya) and Myasnitskaya (now Kommunarov) streets, Gomel merchants Shanovichi built a 3-storey multifunctional hotel complex «Savoy» (designed by architect S. D. Shabunevsky). It also had its own cinema – the «Theater of Arts». In 1923, it was renamed in honor of M. I. Kalinin, who gave a speech in the auditorium in 1919 (in 1951, a memorial plaque was installed on the facade in honor of this event).

The hotel complex suffered significantly during the Great Patriotic War, only the cinema building was restored (architect V. M. Varaksin, 1951). Both in the exterior and in the interior, the influence of classicism was traced (semi-columns and pilasters of ionic and composite orders, rust, modillons, ionics, etc.). In 1969, a large-scale reconstruction took place (architect S.I. Pevny) – several volumes were added with a new auditorium, foyer, various auxiliary rooms.



image003.jpgKommunarov street. The building of the M.I. Kalinin cinema. The main entrance. Photography of the 1970s.

image004.jpgKommunarov Street. The building of the M.I. Kalinin cinema. Foyer. Photography of the 1970s.

image005.jpgKommunarov street. The building of the M.I. Kalinin cinema. Mosaic panel «Folk festivals» (M. Kazakevich and D. Aleynik) in the foyer. Photo 2011

image006.jpg Kommunarov street. The building of the M.I. Kalinin cinema. Photo 2011.

image007.jpg Kommunarov street. The building of the M.I. Kalinin cinema. Photo 2023.