CGROUP "Navabelitski Gomel"

The municipal housing repair and maintenance unitary enterprise "Gomel Navabelitski"

246042, Republic of Belarus, Gomel, 8th lane Ilyich, 13
reception tel. (Fax) 26-31-21
The company's website:

Director: Koval Victor Mikhailovich, phone: 26-31-21
Chief engineer: Kusbit Elena E., phone: 29-16-68
Chief accountant: Moisakula Olga Viktorovna, phone: 23-02-10

The main directions and objectives of the activity are the maintenance and repair of housing Fund, objects, utilities, carrying out work on the external landscaping and landscaping, repair and maintenance of metering devices, monitoring and controlling the flow (flow) of water and thermal energy, rendering of household services to the population.

The company is included into structure of municipal production unitary enterprise "Gomel Department of housing and communal services". The company consists of 3 housing area without the right legal entity selling the plot.

Part of CGROUP "Navabelitski Gomel" includes:


Sevastopolskaya str, 93
tel 53-51-40

Radischeva, 3
tel 53-51-26

street 8th lane Ilyich, 13
tel 31-56-64