Where to recycle old appliances


The life-expired electrical and electronic equipment in any case can not be disposed of in a landfill. His collection and primary processing in the city are engaged in the unitary enterprise "Gomel VTI and Beltratti".
"Threat – to disarm, to put into circulation", this principle lies at the basis of the state policy for the effective management of waste.
The loser does not remain neither people, get rid of old TVs and fridges, which took place on the balcony or at the cottage instead of tables or businesses that not only collect but also extracts from received wastes of secondary material resources, nor the state receiving VTORRESURSY.
So, what to do if your refrigerator, TV, vacuum cleaner, washing machine or gas cooker has fulfilled his term and is not suitable for further use? The easiest way to call "Gomel VTI" on phones 42-10-45, 8 (044) 584-40-23, 8 (029) 504 69 23 or LLC "Bellorado" by phone 60-95-00, 8 (029) 312 10 78, 8 (033) 366 77 05 and make the order. And then you will come and take out equipment. The loading work is performed by employees of the above companies. There is a second option, you can deliver your cargo directly to the waste discharge points, located in the city of Gomel on the street Barykina, 299 and Fedoseenko street, 4. For the handed over old equipment, you will pay the money.
The low amount of compensation due to the fact that great material benefits recycling brings, and its main aim is to reduce the harmful effects on nature and human health. Almost any electronic and electrical equipment there are certain harmful substances: heavy metals (mercury, arsenic, cadmium, chromium), persistent organic pollutants and compounds. For example, a CRT television can contain up to 2kg of lead, and in older refrigerators and air conditioners as the refrigerant was previously used freon, which before disassembly it is necessary to pump out as escaping from a closed system, it gets into the atmosphere and contribute to destruction of the ozone layer.
Everything that plugs into the wall socket requires disassembly and sorting, followed by sending to the disposal of hazardous components, as well as a selection of secondary material resources that are involved in further production (plastic, glass, rubber, ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals (the last shall be deposited in the state Fund of the Republic of Belarus).
Make your small contribution to a big thing in environmental protection!
Together with the old appliances you can take waste mercury containing lamps and batteries.