DCUP "Homelegance"

Subsidiary utility unitary production enterprise "Homelegance"

246144, Gomel, Fedyuninskogo str., 21

reception tel. (Fax) 22-04-42

The company's website: gomel-gorsvet.by

Email address:gomelgorsvet@mail.gomel.by


Director: acting Director of the bakunow Vladimir 22-16-76

Chief engineer: the bakunow Vladimir, phone: 22-04-42

Chief accountant: Shamaeva Elena, phone: 22-07-31

Reception on personal matters by the Director of the State enterprise "Homelegance":

1st, 3rd Tuesday masazas 08.00 to 13.00

1st Saturday of the month from 8.00 to 13.00


The subject of activity of the company is the operation and ensure uninterrupted operation of existing electrical networks of outdoor lighting and illuminations of the city and also their construction and development, and provision of paid services to the population, maintenance and operation of electrical networks of outdoor lighting and illuminations which are on balance of the enterprise.

The network of outdoor lighting is divided into 4 sections operation, headed by the masters of these sites are United in a district, which is headed by a chief of district networks. Each operating assigned stations a team of electricians, bucket trucks and drivers.

Bids for city lighting and Troubleshooting networks arrive on the Supervisory control panel is headed by a senior master. The work of the network operations remote control clock, telephone 33-70-80

The company is motor transport area, headed by the chief of the transport section.